In our century of technologies and space speeds, perhaps, more than ever earlier, there is actual a health subject. Hard physical work, stresses and an overstrain, a lack of a dream and rest, improper feeding – here only part of the factors which are negatively influencing our organism. Inevitably and methodically we day after day “ruin the health”. Why to make over itself violence, to drag bars, somewhere to run if it is possible to descend in a drugstore round the corner? Laziness – a mankind scourge! To us laziness to walk hundred meters. To us such work not to work. To us laziness in which eyelids to take care of the own life. Here somebody would think up such exercises that without straining, it was possible to do them, here then!

You it is serious? And so – such mode is!

Such mode is, and he is called is a yoga!

Yes, don’t laugh! Old kind yoga which doesn’t “carve up” now only the lazy. Understanding person everyone in the slightest degree yoga considers as a debt “to allocate” the direction. Without pressing at all especially in the directions of the classical yoga, it is possible to tire with one transfer of modern types of yoga anyone. Primordially Russian Yoga, Truly Russian Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Pauer yoga, Viniyoga, Yogi Ayengar, Kundaliniyoga, Yogalates, Yogabit and (Attention! ! ! ) the last peep – Akroyoga! Also it is only (!) the main directions!

I will bring the contribution and I. In general, in my opinion, yogas share on two types of people.

The first – kind. Them and call – kind yogas. For such people of the yogi is a yoga! It is no more, but also it isn’t less: )) ) In our hard time kind yogas literally each and all!

And the second – evil yogas. Ineradicably it is more than such “yogis”. Oh, it really terrible people! They invented all these names, the directions and schools from which abundance and gleams in the eyes! The true adherent of angry yogis is the angry yogi – such “the yogi of the evil”, suffering, actually “yoga of fools”! The individual, thinking itself Super – the yogi, but on an iota in it (yoga) not understanding!

Such here the angry yogi who has thought up Truly Russian Yoga, decided that for for an enlightenment will be enough, having closed in a bath, to drink vodka. In something, it, certainly appeared the rights! Some years of such intensive practice showed to it answers to many questions of an essence of a universe and ours in it places!
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However, despite variety of types the yogas some of them were unfairly forgotten or ignored.

Pure yoga – bright to that an example! The type of the yoga which has been specially developed for bandits, being “in a subject”! Or to take, for example, such branch of yoga, as yoga of god. Individually selected VIP-complex of the exercises, allowing to reach divine heights in yoga in the shortest terms!

Whether and you know, what certain evil yogis even managed to think up the championship on yoga?

But it is fine, we too distracted. But here that the ordinary person knows about yoga?

What can yogis “Not eat the whole year anything”? What do they torture themselves to exhaustion, lie on nails and go on coals? That’s right. But it doesn’t change the main thing – the person, not tried to practice yoga doesn’t know anything about yoga!

So this such – yoga? Honestly? I don’t know. I will dare to make only some remarks and to give some advice.

1 . The yoga happens two types: dynamic and static. In dynamic yoga of a pose (asana) smoothly flow each other, with fixing in a certain asana for short time (about one minute). In static yoga on the contrary, the phase “overflowings” is smallest in comparison with the phase “fixings”. In an ideal the ratio of a statics and dynamics has to be about 50 on 50. Well and, naturally, specific features of the engaged have to be considered.
2 . Actually, asanas share on three look: deflections, inclinations and twisting. Deflections (or so-called poses of a set of force), as a rule, have to be carried out at the beginning of any complex (naturally, after a dynamic stage). Further it is necessary to be engaged in inclinations – the asanas directed on (think that want! ) “initial distribution of force”. And, at last, twisting. These are the poses allowing “the gained strength competently to pack”. The excessive hobby or, on the contrary, ignoring any of types is fraught with any sores or even traumas: )) ) .
3 . Don’t follow blindly to ANY techniques, complexes and recommendations. Isn’t present and never was any type of spiritual yoga! Any asana is already spiritual yoga! And, to promote in it, everyone has to choose the way itself! Listen to the body! It – your best teacher, it knows everything and everything will prompt to you if something happens.

Once again – listen to the body! ! ! !

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