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Work or the business

The majority of us lives according to the schedule when every morning on weekdays it is necessary to get up for work, a dinner at work in certain time, smoke breaks according to the schedule. Exactly at 17-00 we hurry home. We get on a bus which goes to certain time. In it, as well as always, same persons. The bus stops at stops and as every day, it is filled and becomes empty. Precisely as and always.

Work or the business? We leave at the stop. Before going home, we come into the same shop. We buy the same products on which the money earned at work suffices. We come home. Dinner according to the schedule. After it the TV – the same transfers, the same series, the same advertizing each 10 minutes.

Days off are sacred! On days off we can have a sleep more long, it is possible to live out of a day regimen. On days off it is possible to do favorite thing, to visit, on the nature, to descend on the market to buy couple of any belongings on which the money earned at work will suffice.

After days off it is necessary to come back to a mode of everyday life. For this reason Monday is considered an unlucky day. There is a period of adaptation to a “new” situation. Why the new? Because for days off the schedule got off. And now it is necessary to join it at first. And the finest day in our life is a Friday.

Here and so passes life. The house – work. Work – the house. Two days off and all at first. And why not to take and to change something in the life? Why it is necessary to go for work? Really there is no other, more pleasant way to live this and so short life? Is! It is necessary to give up simply work and to begin the business.

Business it is freedom. Freedom of choice – you are engaged in what want, instead of in what you the administration forces to be engaged. You start working when want instead of when it is necessary according to regulations. Days off – you can make to yourselves days off when want, instead of on Saturday or Sunday.

The business can change your habitual way of life. You won’t need to study more your settlement leaf to check, whether the accounts department deceived you. You will be able to earn exactly so much, you will work how many. And cent it is less.

When you work at plant or at office, but in the firm belonging not to you, you earn money not only. At the expense of you the cleaner, the watchman, the accountant, the chief accountant, a lot of different lawyers-economists, chiefs and other heads whom sometimes it is more, than workers gets paid. At your expense your director gets paid. And it has a salary of times in 8 more, than at you. And still utility payments, taxes, communication are at your expense paid, the new furniture, equipment is bought. And the firm grows. Only at your expense. I.e., at the expense of simple workers. At the expense of those who not simply sits in an office and it is picked a nose, and performs the main work.

If you did the same work which you perform now, only on yourself, you would receive all this money. You hadn’t to contain grown insolent administration. All money would be yours and only yours.

The business is freedom. You don’t need to report to anybody. You don’t need to ask anybody. You don’t need to bow to anybody. You need to choose only a way and to move on it.

Difference of the business from work on someone – is very difficult to begin the business. And the most difficult moment – to make on it the decision. To take and decide that from tomorrow I will be discharged from office and I will open the firm. To solve, than to be engaged. To decide. This most terrible. But if you are able to cross through this fear, you will see, as far as this fascinating occupation – the business.

In any case, despite that was written above how to earn to itself on life everyone solves. It is simple my opinion.

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