Windows. Tree or plastic?

Now modern double-glazed windows became rather ordinary thing, as well as bulk floors, houses and apartments with which are equipped everywhere. The market abounds with firms manufacturers and fitters of this product. This abundance led to drop of a total cost of windows from plastic and demand for such service from elite sectors of society was smoothly fixed on the average a class.

On the example of Italy it is possible to simulate further events on development of this segment of the market: formation of price policy led to transfer of plastic windows in a condition of loss of the status among buyers. As a result all “price” game round windows from plastic led to falling of sales of windows.

But the Russian buyer nevertheless appreciates a practicality of windows, instead of their prestigiousness more. Soon drops of sales it isn’t expected.

Popularity of plastic windows is confirmed by the mute. The share of such windows dynamically grows in Europe from year to year. But if attentively to consider installation sites, we will see that it generally office establishments.

And in the private sector the obvious growth of sales of wooden frames is fixed. But this indicator shouldn’t create false opinion on a possible adverse effect of plastic on health at all.

Europeans consider wooden windows as something better, erecting round them an aura noble.

Comparing all advantages of plastic windows in comparison with wooden, we can make a number of surprising opening:

1 . Noise isolation. Coefficients of noise-insulating properties, at the equal sizes, at a tree in times will be higher, than at plastic.
2 . Heat insulation. Variety of artificial materials still can’t and closely approach to a tree indicator. Synthetic materials possess almost zero permeability, interfering with penetration of air into the room. It leads to accumulation in the room of a smell of synthetics, artificiality and continuous fogging of windows and walls.
3 . In Russia there are a lot of areas with extremely low temperatures. Wooden frames possess higher resistance to a frost. There are frames steady against a frost from plastic, but the price of such designs becomes already other order.
4 . Life cycle. The warranty period for plastic windows makes about 10 years. As much as possible they will serve till 40 years. And if it is correct to look after wooden windows – this term can be and more than 50 years. Wooden frames are rather simple in service. And they are exposed to repair easier. And in a case with a plastic window simpler and cheaper to establish the new.
5 . In this competition one indicator always will be in favor of plastic – it obviously cheaper, than wooden.

But the last word in a choice between different materials for windows after all remains for the buyer.

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