Why the wife is necessary to the man

Why the wife is necessary?

It is sure that eighty percent, and even are more, married men asked itself this question.

And bachelors, beginning to smoke a cigarette, started breaking the brain over this question. Let’s reject such answers as: “let will be”, “to guzzle to prepare”, “for adult life” or “lawfully to have sex”. These are answers of men not until the end of taken place, as men; like mother’s darlings who consider that they adults, but is independent not able to live and five days, or parasites and drunks, which live as parasites. Question for the taken place men who have housing separate of parents, the constant quite good income, the hands growing from the right place and without “specific cockroaches” in the head. And here a question – why to such men the wife?

One joke was remembered. There lived one bachelor and his friends all the time it persuaded to marry, giving various positive examples of family happiness. And the main argument I was: “you will die here, and the glass of water will be nobody a tax”. He gave up and married. And here it came – that time. Lies in old age at deaths door. Friends came to say goodbye to it. Spoke, remembered life and he speaks to them: “Thank you for everything and that when that forced me to marry. But believe, there is no wish to drink that …” at all.

So for what IT is necessary? Popular saying – “matrimonial duties”. Whether for satisfaction of sexual requirements it is necessary to marry? We live in such time when to resolve this issue not so difficult. At present there is a set of various sites on which it is possible to get acquainted with the clear purpose. And acquaintance in night discos for free, noncommittal love, doesn’t make a special problem. Now you will surprise nobody with the story that woke up near the lady and at all you don’t know her name. At the worst nobody cancelled the most ancient profession. So an issue we resolve and as they say “with hands …”. After joke.

Wedding. Manuals to the groom of skilled men. Who about what. Both there is a grandfather and speaks:

– In the first night become before it and masturbate.
– ? ? ? ? ?
– that knew that you can and to do without it.

One part of a question completely won’t give the answer. Let’s go further. The human physiology means an obligatory daily food. But normally to eat, whether the stamp in the passport is obligatory? Look back around. At every turn heap of various bars, snackbars and small restaurants. Please the issue is resolved easily and simply. Question only in prosperity of the man. On the region – hyper – supermarkets in which it is full of the various semi-finished products which variety strikes. If laziness to leave the house, phone call will solve this problem. Delivery of pizza, alcohol – day and night. Grocery online stores. And if absolutely missed house food, it is possible to thrust to any good acquaintance upon pancakes or if there is an opportunity, to descend on a visit to mother. This person won’t refuse never and will feed to a condition “well and gorged on”. And after all after a marriage maybe so:

– My husband married me because didn’t like to have dinner in a dining room.
– And now?
– Oh, now loves!
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Well and certainly household questions. Cleaning in the apartment, washing and an ironing. Things at the man the smaller quantity in comparison with the woman is considerable. And the help of the washing machine, and I ask to notice automatic and dumb, it can be necessary once a week, even if also two. On washing and an ironing of time at most one hour, and it in a week will leave. Cleaning in the apartment – not bringing pleasure action is far, but also to cope with it not so difficult if, actually, it is necessary. Disorder in the apartment of the bachelor – the phenomenon usual, and anybody not to surprise with it. And if absolutely vly to be engaged in all this, today the range of services is so wide what to bother not to fall on this subject. That we, to men, don’t like in homework, so this its monotony: I made a bed, I wiped a dust, I vacuumed. And in half a year make a fresh start! Ridiculously?

Call to a door, on a threshold there is a monkey with a bucket and a rag:
– Hello. I came to wash your windows!
– You come please.
In 15 minutes, still a call to doors, there is still a monkey:
– I to you to wash windows.
– Well you come …? ? ? ?
In 15 minutes it is still ringing, there still a monkey. And there are a lot of times …
The owner on the 20th monkey stopped:
– Yes that such, at me already 19 monkeys wash windows, how many they still are necessary? ? ?
– Well …, I am not guilty, – the monkey, – that window sills slippery answers! ! !

Birth of children. Yes in this question the man is powerless. Though if to look at F.Kirkorov – that it isn’t so hopeless. Adoption procedure as is difficult, but is solved.

Above positive lines of the woman as the wife were described. But you shouldn’t forget about possible quarrels, continuous grumble in any slightest occasion, possible hysterics and certainly finance. In most cases women spend quicker, than the man, in independence of the amount of earnings earns. Let’s not forget also the word – change.

So, why to the man wife? Probably, the answer to this question was given by poet B. Akunin in the story “Creative producer”:

– From them it is necessary for us that they stronger did us. If you with this specific woman feel yourself more strongly, than without her, so she suits you. More strongly not in sense of a muscle. In sense, better yourself you realize. I see?”

“Clearly, why not clearly. With one wife you are an eagle, with another chicken wet”.

“And it is most amazing that, whatever freak you were though shit the last, is obligatory somewhere on light there is a woman who one only and can pull out you from shit, to make the person. Here why the wife is necessary. And on which we to them gave up, it is a question unevident”.

– Darling, and why I is necessary to you?
– Now and you began to think of it?

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