Whom to choose in husbands: altruist or egoist?

From representatives of the weaker sex it is possible to hear often complaints that their half pays them not enough attention. But whether the contrast of the egoist is such ideal option?

To draw a final conclusion on what type suits you more, it is necessary to learn all truth about each of them.

So, in what feature of life with the egoist?

At first sight it seems that no advantages from cohabitation with the egoist are present. After all for it on the first place there are personal benefits and interests. For it where it is more important to buy, for example, the new car, than to execute long desire of the spouse. But you shouldn’t escape from it at full speed. First, because egoism in people is in different degree, secondly, life with them has the advantages:
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– Stability is valuable to egoists. So divorce with such spouse precisely doesn’t threaten because he won’t wish to refuse comfort.
– If your partner the egoist, be sure that to it with you it is very comfortable. Otherwise he would say goodbye long ago to you, probably, at all without having told words. But after all same didn’t occur.
– From the egoist never you will wait generosity in scattering of personal time, forces, money for the people, constantly looking for sympathy. He hardly will follow the tastes of distant acquaintances and relatives. So this equivalent of money or time the darling will receive it.
– You should aspire always to an ideal in every respect because the egoist won’t suffer the negligent appearance, the started figure, tasteless dinners and absence of attention in the address. At it everything is ideal: both the house, and appearance, and even it will buy the car only what the official dealer can offer Chrysler.

And what features will be presented by life with the altruist?

Certainly, nobody will begin to argue that they are very careful, attentive husbands and fathers who, practically, don’t demand anything in exchange. More often for a family it has no place on the first positions. There reliably career settles down. He is ready to help in the help with the house or in education of children. It would seem, what can be better? But you shouldn’t hurry with conclusions. What waits the woman, chosen to itself in companions of the altruist?

– Because of care, attention, guardianship over the half the woman still has few chances to realize the need for care of relatives. That, in turn, can lead to feeling of a certain dissatisfaction with the relations. And it everything at external wellbeing.
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– Other extreme from which often all family should suffer, the desire of head to assist everyone is. On what its money, time, forces, care, attention which as a result so doesn’t suffice in the family are spent. He is ready to help all and everyone, and on the family of time remains less.
– Often the wife can have a feeling of inferiority, as against the “surprising” husband who radiates good and unselfishness. I.e. it looks not so well as would have to.
– Male altruists are frequent representatives of henpeckeds and mother’s darlings. Not all women can accept such type.

So, perhaps, the definite answer isn’t present, what man is better than others. Probably, it is necessary to look for the ideal. However, egoism degree as, actually, and altruism, can be various.

It is important that there was a respect, aspiration to understanding and mutual understanding.

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