Whether skis don’t go…

Начальник котельной

I am surprised with a time to that, as well as than the administration thinks. Here, it seems, and institutes finished one more than another, and positions hold high, in submission have many hard workers, but brains, probably, at them not in the head. Those brains which were in the head, after the first cold somewhere were gone. The doctor says that with cold left.

Here tell me, snow burns? Well here if to put snow in fire, it will burn? Whether will give heat? Won’t be? Here didn’t guess! The chief told – will be. The chief told snow to heat and that it was warm.

And here tell me, whether sand burns? Doesn’t burn? And you in trains ask conductors. After all they sand also heat cars. And all why? But because the chief instead of coal ordered some cars of sand. Well and there people small that told, brought.

I worked at a boiler room. Boiler on firewood . In one fine solar, but frosty, day draft was gone. I.e., you throw into a copper firewood , they burn, and the smoke brings down all not in a pipe, and outside. Left looked – there is no smoke from a pipe . Called the chief…

That to clean a pipe , it was necessary to turn off only the hatch in the bottom of a pipe. But circumstances developed such oddly that this hatch was welded. Well, naturally, such is was team of the chief.

There arrived our chief to look that at us there smokes. I made a clever look and, later minutes 15, I gave out: “There is no draft”. Yes I very long time ago itself guessed it. My workmate kept silent because drank moonshine since morning. And to it was all the same. To it only it was important that his chief didn’t scold, type, ah-ah-ah, the drunk unfortunate.

In general, the sober fireman is a fantastic character. Come on any boiler room at any time – you will be met by the drunk person. Very terrible drunk person. I deviated something from a subject…

The chief decided, so that hatch to turn off to clean a pipe. Well also orders to us that turned off. But it is visible that it is welded that there are no nuts. No! But the chief insists on the – turn off! As a result of it it turned out to convince after all that it last year gave command to weld the hatch.

All right, you don’t want to turn off – climb on a pipe, we will clean from above.

The pipe not so high – meters 15-20, is no more. Iron. The ladder and protection that the one who will decide to subdue after all this height that didn’t break on – excite is sideways welded on it. Naturally, anybody disagreed to climb upward. I sober – am afraid. The workmate drunk – is afraid. What to do, it was necessary to show to our chief a class. And it got.

We sat and smoked below, looked how our boss dressed in a white shirt, becomes black as fig. It reached almost to the very top when his enthusiasm died away – the last 2 meters of a pipe were without protection. Where it got to is a riddle. And here he who has received 2 higher educations, holding positions of the chief power engineer and the chief of the boiler room, dressed in a business suit and a white shirt, dirty as the devil went down.

And after all it was necessary to call only the welder that he boiled this ill-fated hatch in the bottom of a pipe… As they say, “There are on the stone road I in skis the put. Whether skis don’t go, whether I normal on all head”.

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