We select materials for repair

Как сделать ремонт

Repair in the apartment demands the considered approach in a choice of each detail and thorough training. In case you wish to start overhaul, begin it with an entrance door. As the door at a time serves also as way of protection of your dwelling, and his “person” – the first that the come guests see before entering into the apartment.

Today entrance doors from metal are extremely popular. The first that it is worth allocating – these doors are considered very strong, the second – as the safest, the third – modern doors from metal are original on design and very beautiful. So for any house it is easily possible to choose suitable option. Also, entrance doors possess fire resistance that can’t have a door from a tree. As good protection of housing you can pick up fire-prevention doors with high protection or armor through which any malefactor won’t be able to get.

Decorate entrance doors or forging, or original materials (a laminate, plastic, skin, a tree, etc.), or metal. The separate companies make doors by individual orders, that is, considering any requirements concerning dimensions of a door, finishing, safety.

The following important part of the apartment – a window. Today producers are capable to provide to your attention many types of frames or double-glazed windows which are made of various materials and possessing various characteristics. Now well proved plastic windows, as inexpensive and the most convenient. These windows will provide full sound insulation, preserve the apartment against moisture, a dust and against other influencing factors of environment. Their only minus – the plastic windows “do not breathe”, and from time to time it is indoors stuffy.

Other type standing attention – wooden frames window, perfectly passing air and providing cozy indoor environment. Only, it is necessary to find “qualitative” windows which are created from breeds of a tree steady against rotting and processed by special moisture protective solutions.

The third look apply very seldom – windows with frames from aluminum. It is quite difficult to exploit them during a winter time because frames well attracted to each other have feature to freeze. Therefore, in cold time you should open windows making considerable efforts. It is necessary to look for balcony frames by the same principle, as well as frames window. Frames have to be similar to them and to be made of the same material.

Still an important detail of overhaul of the apartment are floor coverings. There are some options – a parquet, a laminate, carpets, a tile. The main criterion of selection of a covering – room type where you want it to lay. In a bathroom it, certainly, a tile (is more rare – a laminate), for a bedroom – a parquet, a laminate, a carpet, in kitchen – a tile or a laminate.

At any time actual and widespread there is a parquet floor. Naturally, parquet laying – service not from the most available, but it should be tried. Today’s manufacturers of a parquet board do any conditions that parquet coverings faultlessly could serve decades, preserving the original form. For these purposes use special technologies, the parquet has a certain structure that allows to keep to it a form, not to crack and not to burst.

For those purposes that the wooden covering of a floor long preserved own unique properties, the protecting technology – parquet polishing is used. For this purpose the parquet board becomes covered by a varnish in some layers which keeps a tree from different damages, the ultra-violet radiation, dirt.

By the way, varnishing of a parquet becomes not only in the companies which are engaged in its production. In case in the apartment earlier laid parquet was scratched, wiped, lost attractive appearance, this service will give the chance to restore a parquet floor, to add it shine, much more attractive to make it.

Thanks to modern technologies, parquet repair at present takes not enough time. The solid enterprises make a parquet with special “lock”, to stack which it is possible without use of any special means or tools.

To give to the house and a site a final look, buy new or repair an old fence. The qualitative strong fence is a keeper of your property and your health. Today lattices are under construction of a tree, a brick, a professional flooring, a grid, metal and other building materials. As the steadiest and qualitative consider either brick designs, or welded metal products. The most ecological and used material for construction of protections – polycarbonate which isn’t heated under the sun, long keeps original appearance, differs rather high stability.

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