We protect the territory

Установка забора

Each owner of a ground comes sooner or later to that it is necessary to protect it. For what? For safety. Existence of a fence creates obstacles for malefactors. The fence is higher and stronger, the it is more difficult to get to thieves to the house. The high fence also protects your territory from foreign views, keeping secret of private life.

The beautiful fence not only will protect you and your family from villains, but also will create worthy image of your estate, emphasizing the status of owners, i.e. – your status.

Before fence installation by the first there is a question of what to do it. Today there is a huge set of types of protections – from usual of boards before decorative forging. Let’s consider some of them.

The fence from boards is a fence from vertically beaten boards to a horizontal board. Easily is established. For its production it is necessary to have boards, a hammer and nails. Well and, certainly, hands. Such fence isn’t allocated with special appeal, especially after several years of operation. If in time not to paint, to dolly up, it can be tumbled down. With such fence recently are protected either building sites, or rural lodges which look not better.

The fence from a chain-link grid – is established by a subweight way on the hooks welded on metal columns. Such type of a fence is durable, doesn’t demand special leaving. Everything, of course, depends on the grid is made of what material. If it is a usual black wire, and you live in a humid climate, this protection will decay quickly enough if not to process it anticorrosive means and not to paint. If the grid is weaved from the zinced wire – add to service life as early as years 15-20. If from a stainless steel or aluminum – there is a risk that malefactors won’t get into the house, and will steal from you a fence. Wire thickness too has the value. It is natural that the wire is thicker, the grid will be stronger and will more long stay.

The fence from a grid of the chain-link has the advantages and shortcomings. The main plus is the price. Besides, your site will be well aired that is important if you grow up vegetables on beds or simply you like to spend time in the summer on a site. Minuses of this fence – you won’t be behind it, since it for 99% transparent. The second minus – looks not so beautifully and therefore it usually put between neighbors. But if to put near it any climber, these shortcomings won’t spoil to you life, and it is rather – on the contrary. One more minus – a grid the chain-link easily becomes useless by means of nippers. And if at your place storage of money and jewelry, this option for you not the best.

The stone fence – is made of a stone, a brick or special blocks. Such fence turns out not from cheap. Under it it is necessary to do the strong base. And for its construction it is necessary to possess skills of the bricklayer. Such fence will perfectly protect your possession from bandits and foreign views. Sometimes owners of private houses combine a stone fence with other types that turns out quite even not bad.

The fence from a metalprofile is the most awful that the person thought up. In spite of the fact that such fence at the price is equated to a fence from a chain-link grid, beautifully looks and easily is established, I wouldn’t began to fence the site with such fence. Why? This question is asked only by those who didn’t deal with a metalprofile in the summer. Metal heats up, ventilation isn’t present. As a result on your site the crematorium atmosphere is created. Many established such fences, especially on small sites to 10 hundred parts, in a year leave it only on the face, and the parties between neighbors clean and set up a fence from a chain-link grid. As a result the low price increases twice, and even it is more since there are labor expenses.

The forged fence is, of course, one of the most beautiful and solid types of a fence, but not all it on – to a pocket. One square meter of the simplest forged fence costs about 50 dollars if carries, and sometimes in addition is more expensive. And if height is one and a half meter? And if on perimeter all site of meters 150? As a result the solid sum of thousands so in will turn out 11 and a half. Dollars. But if you can allow yourselves it, why not?

In any case to you to solve, what fence to protect your territory.

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