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We choose the SLR camera: main rules

At a choice of the SLR camera as well as at a choice of any other gadget it is necessary to make a start from several fundamental principles about which speech in this article will go.

First of all it is necessary to make a start from own opportunities. If you the beginning photographer, is best of all to buy the semi-professional camera initially. It also costs cheaper also settings in it much less.

Further there is a choice concerning the price. As it was already written above, poluprofessinalny models will be the cheapest. Their price more than available and to make a start from 400 dollars. The middle class will manage to you about 1000 dollars, all that above – treats models a class premium.

Permission. Actually a camera choice proceeding from resolution of the camera the wrong step. After all permission influences only when you print photos in the press. If you simply take the picture for viewing them on the monitor or you will unpack in an album then permission has no value. Much more important size of pixels. Than this pixel will be more, especially qualitative future picture will turn out.

Rather interesting and important parameter at a choice of the SLR camera is sensitivity of a matrix. Sensitivity of a matrix is very important characteristic which specifies how qualitative there will be photos in the dark. Today already long ago it became clear that flash doesn’t rescue during shooting in places with low illumination. Flash shines object of shooting, but thus it can’t shine everything that is near a shooting subject. As a result we receive rather low-quality picture. Than the sensitivity indicator will be higher, especially pictures will be accurate. At very high resolution of feeling of a smazannost doesn’t arise at all.

Modern digital gadgets allow to use automatic settings. Automatic equipment it is unconditional well when you only start mastering a photo art but when you are already familiar with the main concepts, for you it will be much better to use manual settings. With their help you will be able to make a picture even more qualitative and interesting.

The mirror camera rather heavy also has rather big size. The good professional camera will weigh from one and a half kilograms. Except the camera you should carry all the time with yourselves various lenses, filters, supports and many other things.

Quality of video of shooting. You will repeatedly use the camera for shooting video therefore at a choice of this gadget pay attention to parameters of video of shooting.

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