Useful and harmful.

Recently there are strange things. There is a lot of information which calls into question usefulness of things and the actions which have taken place in this life a huge stage. Those things which 10 years ago anybody and under doubt didn’t put, now say that they do harm (and so about everything pretty often). I think that that they reached up to now, already says that they had weight in human life. And it becomes even more difficult to believe in them in such strange time when the trust and so began to be lost.
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I think that it is the directed attempt to bring down people from the trodden road of our fathers, to take away from their experience and to offer a new way, I would tell “a slavery way”. It is possible to look on an example when we undertake something difficult, let us assume, we speak with the foreigner and we don’t understand it. In this situation we depend on the translator, who if not he, helps. Here and in our life if to take away we got that from a vast experience of fathers from us, we will be able to accept the new only. And what such new? It that is necessary for us for present life. And who told, what it is necessary for us? And it can to us without a thing and it is so good? Who created this new? For what? Really someone worries about us? And can about itself, and we – only means of achievement on this way? Then it becomes sad.

Let’s glance in ancient times. For what the mattock, a cudgel was necessary to the person? In order that it was easier to live. And what we see now, it became easier? No. Yes I would tell, what even it becomes more difficult. Maybe the time came simply to use experience and to live kindly to sew? Here we also come back to this insatiable villain absorbing resources of all mankind, in exchange to soup. Here he also creates new experience of “person robot” which will simply work with narrow outlook on life and a narrow range of interests (a TV set in which to it broadcast, it is possible what to do and that it is impossible).
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Simple example: the person has work, but it as it appears, to the majority not that isn’t pleasant, and over time becomes hated. And there’s nothing to be done. Where to disappear when you have behind the back kids, and they should be fed, dressed, “free of charge” to train? And you are so helpless in the situation. After all you aren’t able to do other work, and at times simply you won’t settle anywhere without documents on education. Here also there are fetters which hold you and determine your course of life. Yes let if only my way, and even my children, and their children and not only mine, but also yours.

What do I want to tell these? Yes that don’t lose people trust and experience of our ancestors, probably still will come time when we will be able to use it and in present life it is useful. Don’t accept everything that offers mass media, pass via the reason filter. Live, rejoice, find forces and turn it the world the smile. Pick berries, herbs, knit socks, use whenever possible natural products (from shop they not real).

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