Ukraine – France

After lot of butt matches of the European national teams for an exit to the World Cup to Brazil it became a pity Ukrainians. Really such nice team again will appear outside final tournaments? After all the previous four attempts to leave in a final stage of the World Cup or Europe came to an end with a failure. And here somebody got not, and French with magnificent Riberi at the head. Frankly speaking, chances aspired to zero.
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However, as showed a match, this French devil isn’t so terrible! It was noticeable that Ukrainians were ready to die in the field – they didn’t give to French seconds of time for reflections, neither space meter for maneuver, nor an oxygen throat for breath, covered French with high pressure right after ball loss, were quicker in single combats and … simply played the rival. No, French aren’t so weak as could seem, however the national team of Ukraine for certain played almost the best match in career. Very long ago it wasn’t necessary to see team, so greedy to a victory in a separate match.

You paid attention how the first goal of the yellow-blue was scored? As a result of fight for a ball at dense contact guardianship the four of football players of the national team of Ukraine played a brilliant combination, having literally jostled a ball in a grid of gate!

If it is honest after that I asked god only about one – that any crazy ball didn’t fly in gate of our southern neighbors. At French at such game of Ukrainians of chances wasn’t.
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For certain the special role in such coordination and devotion of winners is played by the trainer of Ukrainians Nikolay Fomenko. Anything, at first sight, from himself not representing terener as if inhaled life in the football players.

Well, before reciprocal game the score 2:0 is very good account! However it isn’t necessary to be the prophet to guess that French will rethink happened and so simply the permit on the World Cup won’t give. And therefore Ukrainians blood from a nose need to be adjusted on a reciprocal duel also well, as well as on a meeting in Kiev. And nobody cancelled a judicial factor!

So we will cross fingers and with impatience we will wait for fight continuation.

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