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Travel to Windhoek, Namibia

Not very long ago many Russians at all didn’t consider possibility of travel to the southern part of Africa, reasonably believing that it isn’t so cheap. But now on inexpensive permits to Namibia the prices are available practically to each tourist who has got used regularly to leave abroad. With direction development large operators can offer all wishing last-minute tours and tempting conditions of rest.

Rest in Namibiivindkhuk – the capital of Namibia and simply hospitable city. Its gate, the only international airport of the country, are open for travelers all the year round. Thus, the city carries out at once some important functions. On the one hand, it is the large transport center daily accepting and sending people. With another, it is interesting in itself tourist object.

Namibia, South AfricaOn streets of Windhoek surprisingly harmonious and picturesque combination of colonial constructions and modern buildings is presented. The German accuracy and purity are evident continually. Otherwise also can’t be, after all Windhoek – the African city which long time was under the domination of Germany which traditions were absorbed forever by locals.

Majestic castles in the medieval style, erected at the beginning of the XX century, today enjoy unusual popularity. Visitors “meet” here from different corners of a planet. The lock of Hayntsburg today – prestigious hotel. The lock of Shverinsburg – a habitat of the Italian ambassador.

One of the oldest buildings in the modern city – Old fort. It was constructed of a white stone in 1890. Now within the walls of a fort the hall of the National museum of the country takes place. Expositions of this establishment are distributed on various rooms and contain in; to itself huge number of interesting exhibits.

Art of Namibia is well shined in National gallery. In it regularly pass various exhibitions. Visitors can consider various craft subjects close: the Namibian weapon decorated with picturesque ornaments and patterns, pottery, hand-made articles from beads, and even to get acquainted with some of masters.

In “black” quarter of the city there is a Center of crafts of Namibia in which even more models of work of the African handymen are presented. Despite tourist popularity of object, – the former African ghetto – for safety it is necessary to come to this part of Windhoek only with the local conductor.

Walks on streets – an excellent mode to like the general atmosphere and to get acquainted with city life. Erospark and Klyaynvindkhuk impress with luxury and presentableness, Hochlendpark and Vindkhukvest – modesty and accuracy.

Rest in Namibiitsentr of the Namibian capital is full of tempting places for entertainments. Tourists, especially during the high season, literally dam all clubs, restaurants, shops. On days off the active rhythm of life doesn’t stop for a minute. Even at night streets restaurants – visitors are filled by people, and.

The most popular drink in local institutions of a public catering is a beer which is made right there, in the city territory. Traditionally in October in Windhoek the Festival of beer assembling thousands tourists from all over the world is held. Except vivifying drink at restaurant to you will offer dishes as African (fillet of ostriches and spiny lobsters), and German cuisine (fried sausages).

Many Europeans go to Windhoek not only for the sake of exotic rest, but also for shopping. Getting last-minute tours, inhabitants of other countries after vacation on the African continent take away home fine carpets of handwork, fantastic products from fluffy fur, magic jewelry from the diamonds extracted in the territory of Namibia.

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