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Touch screens

Very few people can be surprised with the touch display and if to be exact, the screen of introduction of information by means of a contact. The most part of modern smartphones, mobile, have this device.

Semuel Hurst the teacher of the American university of the State of Kentucky was the founder of the first touch device. In 1970 the teacher came across a problem of reading of information from a large number of tapes at recorders. Idea of reduction in an automatic condition of this process was an incitement to creation of the Elotouch company first-ever, making touch screens. The first development (1971) used a resistive method of determination of coordinates of points of a contact, this work carried the name Elograph.

In 1974 the educated company Elographics exhausts the touch panel, transparent, approximately in three years, it is 1977, the same manufacturing company developed the resistive five-wire panel. On the expiration of several years the company on production of touch screens unites with global manufacturer of electronics, the Siemens company and in 1982 they together exhaust the first TV equipped with the touch screen.

The first mobile device with the device of touch input of information was the Alcatel One Touch model presented in 1998. This model became a basis for the subsequent smartphones though the model, on today’s parameters, possessed very modest opportunities is a small display, and monochrome. One more chance of an embodiment of the smartphone with the touch display became mobile Ericsson R380, but also had the monochrome display and was very and is very limited in opportunities.

The touch screen such as we represent it now, appeared in 2002 in the Qtek XDA mobile phone, developed by the HTC company. It already was the multi-color display with quite good permission. It is capable to maintenance about 4096 flowers. The device worked at resistive technology of determination of coordinates of your contact. But to new level touch screens were transferred by the Apple company. Namely IPhone, devices with touch displays, received stunning popularity, and their development of Multitouch (possibility of a contact two, sometimes and more fingers) repeatedly simplified information input.

As all know touch screens are used everywhere: in payment terminals, pocket computers, mobile phones, game figurative extension housings, operator installations in the industry. Sometimes touch screens equipped models of TVs on freemarket. Without them it is impossible to present the present world, such what it is now.

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