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You have interesting article which you would like to place on a popular site? It not problem. Send us your article through a form in the bottom of the page and if it is suitable for our site, we will surely publish it.

Only unique articles are accepted. I.e., written by you personally, instead of copied on other sites.

Article shouldn’t contain an offensive language, call for violence, propagandize drugs, etc. Articles offending someone’s feelings, humiliating someone aren’t accepted. We are cultural people. Let’s write without dirt.

Articles take place FREE OF CHARGE in headings to the discretion of site administration.

At article there shouldn’t be a link to other sites or addresses of other sites. If in your article there is a mention of other sites, on your e-mail specified at sending article, conditions will be sent.

Term of placement of articles – forever. Published articles can’t be removed under any pretext. Copyright of all articles belongs to a site dom-ochag.by, except articles at which sending the name of the author was entered. In this case, the owner is the author. But, nevertheless, sending article, you give the consent to its lifelong placement on this site.

You want to publish the article on our site? Then send it to us through a form:

  1. You can not specify the author. But if you want that before article your name was published, tell it to us.
  2. correct e-mail
  3. We don't give any guarantees that your article will be published. If suddenly article isn't suitable by any criteria for the publication on a site, we will send you the letter with the indication of a cause of failure and recommendations. If you the status of placement of your article doesn't interest, you can not specify your e-mail.
  4. required
  5. Article has to be unique, i.e. is written by you personally. We check all sent articles on plagiarism. If you liked article on other site and you want it to publish at us, copy it by the own words. The recommended volume of information - 2000 symbols. Articles, which volume less than 1000 symbols without gaps aren't accepted.
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