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Time. How many?

The majority of people considers that the most valuable in their life, is money, property, a family, the relations. Yes anything. But it isn’t enough who reflected that the most expensive that at us is is time. It can be measured, but it can’t be bought, received as a gift, it is impossible to have it more, than it is taken away.

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. I can argue that when their time will be on an outcome, they will start it observing as pretty, to consider and measure. After all even the train it is possible to stop, keep waiting. But not time. It goes, and to it all the same. And we sometimes spend it for any nonsense, forgetting that more it doesn’t become.

One of elements of image are hours. The they are more beautiful and dearer, the nose of their owner is higher. Sometimes it lifts up a sleeve that all saw it hours. But if the person bought them for 30000 dollars, it doesn’t mean that he had more time. Here, for example, at me in a case hours for 800 dollars lie. They don’t work because a year ago in them the battery was discharged. But same doesn’t mean, what my time stopped? I continue to live. I continue to spend it for any nonsense. Even I will spend the time for writing this article.

By the way, there is an opinion that the cigarette reduces life by 5 minutes. You trust in it? Don’t trust. The cigarette reduces life by about 15 minutes. Besides, that term of all your life will be reduced by 5 minutes because of the harmful substances containing in a tobacco smoke, so you still will spend minutes of the 10th life for that to smoke a cigarette. It is that habit for which smokers spend any part of time taken away for them. Also it is one of examples of its expenditure for nothing.

It is possible to give an example when time comes to an end. For example, hourglasses to buy and turn them. You will see that sand won’t pour from below up as well as time can’t go back – only forward. Time can end. But not at all, but only at you. Or at us. Or at them. At everyone.

And how we use this invaluable gift? To drink beer, to watch TV, be played on the computer, to lie on a sofa and to spit the most part of time goes to a ceiling – on it at us. We spend any part of time for providing normal existence of that we appreciate most of all – welfare of a family, good repair in the apartment, we aspire to career heights that work brought more pleasure and money which after a salary will help to spend more pleasantly that it is impossible to buy – time.

And, despite that time at us just barely enough that is allocated for everyone exactly so much, how many it is taken away that it can’t be bought, it is possible to make up for it. It is simple to do everything quicker. But in a hurry it is possible to miss important points, to forget something, on something to clog. I met people who constantly somewhere hurry, want to be ahead of a planet only. I wouldn’t want to live so. But how then to dispose of time?

The question remains open. If you have any offers, write in comments.

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