The treatise about Semyonovna.

Трактат о Семёновне

Homo Semionicus (or simply Semenovna) is the woman of uncertain age working in a services sector at the most ungrateful and low-paid positions.

To be fair it is necessary to notice that at this stage of the present of Semyonovn is, perhaps, the best type of the porter.

Having ground for many centuries the skills in this area, Semyonovna became the card of many hostels, restaurants, hotels and educational institutions. Semyonovna is almost irreplaceable also when working, connected with cleaning of the territory and damp cleaning of rooms.

As Semyonovna transfers an alcohol smell to spirit, she is some kind of first line a face control, a such staff of fight for sobriety and for this reason any cultural action of the city can’t do without Semyonovna’s presence.

For many people of business of Semyonovn it is represented very valuable worker not only owing to low cost but also and therefore that showing extremely high level of mobility, manages at the same time to carry out how absolutely affairs independent from each other.

Indispensable attribute working in sweat Semyonovna’s face is existence in her hands of an instrument of labor (most often mops with a rag), the employee at the same time and a type of a cold weapon which she as required skillfully uses.

Semyonovna’s life is full of fears and surprises. As Semyonovna’s husbands or simply losers, or chronic alcoholics, she all fibers of soul fiercely hates men and at each opportunity tries to play a dirty trick on them, having revenged thus for the unfortunate life.

Owing to Semyonovn’s chronic sexual and mental dissatisfaction has predisposition to break therefore practically always it is possible to see it or with somebody swearing, or illegibly muttering something under a nose.

Often Semyonovna meets to people sitting on a shop at an entrance and vividly discussing with girlfriends comparative characteristics of lines of youth of different generations.

It is necessary to carry that she is one of the chief city hospital attendants to Semyonovna’s undoubted pluses. It is difficult even to imagine that would be, don’t stand guard purity and an order of such conscientious and decent performer, as Semyonovna.

However as Semyonovna’s main dignity that fact serves that she brings a fresh stream in our gray reality, adds bright paints of the boring ordinary of life and fights against human dullness and laxity, for what is possible and it is necessary not only to tell it: Thank you very much! “, but also to bow to it in a belt …

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