The house or apartment?

Дом или квартира. Собственное жилье.

The most important for the person – a roof over the head. The real estate in any kind was always appreciated most of all. Not important, the house it, the apartment or simply free-standing building, garage in cooperative or something else. At the time of crises people build. And it is better to store savings not in dollars, and buying real estate. So was always. And so will be always.

The population of a planet grows. Together with it the quantity of houses also grows. It can be private cottages, estates, small lodges, but can be and multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, penthouses. And if we have an opportunity to get real estate, there is a question, which real estate to us is necessary. And it isn’t important how we want to begin the owner of the dwelling – to buy or construct. Both that and another demands an investment of means. And the more strongly at us an ambition, the more we are able to allow ourselves, the our choice is wider.

But I won’t argue over that I would buy or constructed if I had an unlimited number of money. Simply in this case I would get both the house, and the apartment and still there is a lot of that. And here if money suffices on something one where then to lodge? In the private house or in the apartment?

Many prefer to live in the apartment. It is convenient. Heating moves according to the schedule, overhaul is included into the cost of utility payments, kindergarten, hospital, shop, the market, school, a stop – all nearby. It isn’t necessary to think of anything, simply pay utility payments and don’t bother.

But there are also minuses. Let’s begin with the beginning.

Apartment. Size.

In what apartment you want to live? In 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-roomed? Naturally, the more the apartment area, the it is more expensive. However, this difference is felt while the number of rooms didn’t reach three. And it is more – a difference not essential. Simply utility payments expensive. In any case, what apartment you wouldn’t get, it such remains forever. You won’t be able to expand it. There is no place!

Apartment. Neighbors.

On what floor there will be your apartment? Let’s assume, what not on the first and not on the last. Means neighbors you will surround from below, from above and sideways. From all directions. When neighbors have a holiday, and you should go to bed today as early as possible – it won’t turn out, you will celebrate together with them. Only at home. When you have a holiday, to you the neighbor will come to ask you to make a sound more silent. It if neighbor adequate. And if it fell in the childhood from a ladder govy down and still with it (with a ladder) isn’t on friendly terms? Then can rush to you with fists. But it already other subject. Neighbors are in general a sore subject. They can be normal people with whom it is possible even to be on friendly terms families. But can appear the absolute freaks. That happens rather often. And that it for people, you learn only when you will live in the apartment some time.

If suddenly, not that god, happens leakage of a water supply system, you should compensate the cost of repair to all injured neighbors. If you want to make repair, you will disturb your neighbors. And if they want to make repair at themselves – they will disturb you. Such probably at neighbors – to stir a role each other.

Apartment. General space.

What it for space such? The elevator, ladder, entrance – all those places where there can be all residents of the house or even absolutely strangers. That it is possible to tell about these places. If you lived all life in a model entrance with protection, it is difficult to you to present that such public places. Very seldom ladder flight has mirror shine. Usually entrances from a floor to a ceiling are spat, lit, isn’t rare on a floor emetic masses, and sometimes it is possible to come across between floors “mine” when passersby run in an entrance to impose a heap – another. All this dirt was and will be at any unprotected entrance. And you will face every day this dirt and to breathe that stench which is allocated with this dirt. The elevator is in general an addiction. Certainly, if you live not on the 16th floor. In the majority of elevators every evening someone spoils, the ceiling is usually stuck with chewing gums or burned. The same and with buttons. And sometimes there is no rage when on the button of your floor the fresh snivel hangs…

Apartment. Other pleasant moments.

In the summer in apartments disconnect hot water for carrying out overhaul. Usually it occurs in the hottest days when half an hour wants to take a shower everyone. In the fall include heating when average daily temperature will be below 8 degrees Celsius. What is the average daily temperature? For example, in the afternoon +10, and at night +6. Average daily it turns out +8. And so heating will include only when becomes even colder. And excites nobody that in your apartment already plants in pots became covered with hoarfrost. When will include heating then it will be warm. And before you can use an electric heater, include gas in an oven on the full. By the way, gas too can switch off at any time.

As for payment of utilities, you never learn, for as how many actually you will pay. This information is protected by bandits in power. Can sometimes seem that the accounts department of municipal services considers utility payments on the basis of the data received from a ceiling. Or simply invents numbers.

In some houses the garbage needs to be taken out only early in the morning. Because the wastebasket is closed on the lock. It becomes, probably, in order that anybody didn’t steal garbage. As a result by the end of day near an entrance the huge heap of packages with garbage which has very specific smell gathers.

If you buy the apartment near shop, prepare to that every evening to 3 o’clock in the morning you will listen to music which gurgles from the car of the street mugger entertaining the contemporaries by trite jokes on a parking near shop. Other places aren’t present…

What? Well, that at entrances is constantly dark because someone steals bulbs, is a trifle. Ah and! Parking. You have a car? If is, prepare to that you need to look for a place on paid parking. Why? Well you won’t leave the car for the night among crowds of drunk street muggers which will rub about it the dirty backs, and sometimes the bloody hands injured by ugly faces and snotty noses? You don’t want it, the truth? But you should reconcile to it if in your area there is no paid parking, or on available there will be no empty seats.

And now it is a little about the private house…

Private house. Size.

Usually private house is much more spacious than the apartment. In the house there can be a big kitchen that almost in all cases it is impossible in the apartment, it is a lot of rooms. If to you there was not enough your living space, you can expand your house to such sizes what will suit you completely. However, different permissions and coordination are for this purpose necessary. But, nevertheless, it is possible! Besides, on your site there can be economic constructions, garage, a bath, an arbor, the fountain, a pond, etc. Everything that only you will wish. Certainly, you will are limited to the site size.

Private house. Neighbors.

If you bought or built the private house which is not on the farm somewhere, and among other houses, not to do without neighbors. But what from themselves neighbors in the private house represent? If neighbors are unpleasant to you – be fenced off from them by a high fence. That’s all. And even if neighbors will rustle, at distance of tens meters, instead of through a wall. Living in the private house you on neighbors you won’t depend. That can’t be told for inhabitants of apartments.

Private house. General space.

You with anybody need to share nothing. Your land plot, your house – your fortress. Anybody doesn’t have business before your possession, you don’t have business to strangers. The only thing that can be the general is a fence. You can agree with the neighbor to set up a fence together, to halve expenses, you can construct a fence, and also you can dump this care on shoulders of the neighbor if he wants, for example, expensive fence, and you on it have no money.

In the private house all space only yours. You on the land plot can fry shish kebabs, sunbathe, sing songs, put potato, ride a bike, etc. And nobody will be able to prevent you. Nobody will begin to climb on your territory. Because it is a private property.

Private house. Other pleasant moments.

In the private house it is necessary to have hands. If you prefer to lie on a sofa, it is better to you to live in the apartment. In the winter it is necessary to clear away snow. Constantly. But you can include heating at any time years. And to pay for it it is exactly so much, how many spent fuels. You always have hot water, but you will pay for it much more, than in the apartment. Because it really hot. You pay to nobody for overhaul because you do all. In the private house you are responsible for everything. Only you.

Shop, school, kindergarten, hospital, drugstore – everything is very far. It is an undoubted minus of the private house.

Despite difficulties without which not to do in the private house, I make a choice in its advantage. After all in the private house I am his owner. And in the apartment I will be an owner only wall-paper, and a wall any more mine, and the general. You don’t trust? And you try to demolish in the apartment any wall? You will be able? It is unlikely. You at all don’t know, what of walls bearing and what isn’t present. And if the pipe begins to flow, you at all don’t know that to block in a cellar. And from a cellar you too have no keys. And in the private house you know everything that is necessary. Simply to make repair in the apartment you will have to receive dozen of coordination. Grandmothers will constantly look on you in a package near an entrance, and then to discuss all evening your purchases. Strange, and why it all residents of the house so strange look at you? Yes simply about you hearings already go.

It is possible to continue long comparison of the apartment and the private house. In any case to choose your roof over the head to you.

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