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The correct steering of the capital in the market Forex

Many heard, but many didn’t attach significance to that now gains popularity such type of earnings on the Internet as trade in the market Forex. What it for the market such? It is the world currency exchange with a turn in some trillion dollars. Now each person can participate in the auction. For this purpose it isn’t obligatory to be the oligarch. To start trade in the Forex market it is enough to have one hundred – another of dollars in a grist.

On the Internet loads and loads the companies offer the services for access on the market Forex. But very few people know that for the first time in this market there was “Forex Club“. For the first time for ordinary people. Before only large businessmen and banks could participate in the auction.

What trade in the market gives Forex? Right at the beginning, to understand that this such, is better to try to trade in virtual money. Process happens in the same way, as well as at trade in cash. The only difference – money not and in a case even million profits you will be able to receive nothing the presents. After all money virtual, i.e., simply points.

Why it is necessary to begin with virtual money? The matter is that trade in the market Forex assumes existence certain, at least minimum, knowledge, existence of any certain strategy. You have to be defined precisely, what transactions you will conclude – long-term or short-term. What will be the starting sum. You will be able to define all these moments when you will try the forces in a test mode.

After all except you in the market Forex millions trade. And each of them wants to earn. And many earn. But where someone wins, someone has to lose. After all money can’t appear anywhere. All the same, you want it or not, the balance will be observed. You can earn big money in the market. You can earn them constantly. But for this purpose it is necessary to learn to earn them.

Practically each professional currency trader claims that success in the market Forex first of all depends on the correct steering of the capital (deposit). Forex this same, as management, without competent steering of finance you will be on zero. If you aren’t able to steer competently the capital in the Forex market, you are simply doomed to crash.

Why, you think, more than 99% of beginners escape from the currency market Forex? Business here not only in absence of knowledge, and in illiteracy of finance. It turns out so that the beginner having on the deposit only $100 can open warrants of 0.05 lots in size, and then be surprised why from — for a minus of 200 points it lost everything.

They at all have no knowledge and come to the market Forex for fast enrichment. Many say that it is necessary to risk, after all who doesn’t risk, that won’t drink champagne. It everything is correct, but in trading it doesn’t need absolutely not to be known, trading appreciates only clever and enterprising people.

Any person who dreams to become successful in trading, has to be able to address competently with finance both in the market Forex, and in life!

You have to be able analyze, to do competently everything the analysis of all losses and profit, and only then to make the decision on warrant opening.

7 Main rules for the beginner trader

1 . Money management
Trade in only personal money, or by means of pamm of investments. Never take the credits for deposit refill, or for its addition.

2 . Investment capital
If you for example have 2000 dollars on life, you shouldn’t put in trading more than 30% from the sum.

3 . Greed
Always you behave, be extremely quiet in any situation. Greed and fear will lead you to increase in lots for a fast raising of the sum of the deposit, and as a result you will be on full zero.

4 . Losses
Competently place stop–loss and take–profit warrants.

5 . Profit and loss
Expose stop–loss much more, than take–profit warrant. You want or not, movement at any moment all the same will go not to your party and if to expose small stop–loss, you will be at a loss always.

6 . Pyramid
It isn’t necessary to build a pyramid of transactions. Don’t open more than 2 warrants. And in general, it is at first better to trade on 1 defined currency steam, it is desirable on EUR/USD.

7 . Never try to recoup
If at you today was on account of $1000, and at the end of day there were $700, you shouldn’t at once try to restore the deposit to a former condition. You will simply get to passion and greed, calm down better and next day you will probably think up new strategy. You shouldn’t hurry!

These are the basic rules which any beginner has to know. If to adhere to these rules, a half of mistakes you will already avoid.

Warrants of stop-loss and take-profit are restrictions on a loss and profit. I.e., at the conclusion of the transaction you can set restriction below which it is impossible to fall not to suffer heavy losses, or restriction above which it is impossible to rise. About losses – it is clear. But why to put restriction on profit? It seems, it isn’t visible logicians, huh? And it is. The price can not reach on the unique point that value on which you made restriction, and sharply to go down. The profit isn’t recorded. You went to a minus. Therefore it is necessary to expose warrants on transaction closing.

You can try the forces on the Forex club platform. Good luck!

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