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The base from screw piles

Screw piles are a simple and reliable way of the device of the base. They can be applied on any soil, except rocks. Originally they were applied to base construction on problem soil, such, as peat or a bog. But recently screw piles everything to a bowl are used everywhere.

Screw piles are a steel pipe on which bottom the screw blade is welded. Metal is processed and painted by anticorrosive structure for protection against a rust.

Construction of the base of the house from screw piles1 . screw blade.
2 . steel pipe.
3 . top part.
4 . ferroconcrete belt.
5 . socle wall from a brick.

To start base construction from screw piles it is necessary to know depth of freezing of the soil, calculated weight of the house with a roof, possible snow loading. Proceeding from these data diameter, length and quantity of piles pays off. On the average load of one pile makes from 7 to 20 tons. Such high bearing ability is explained by that at screwing up between-vitkovye intervals of the soil aren’t loosened, and are condensed with the screw blade of a pile.

Screw piles very simply are mounted – you screw up them on the necessary depth then you cut top on level. After installation of all piles, you fill in them with concrete. It becomes to force out from the air that interferes with corrosion emergence, and also them урепить. In end from above on piles it is welded ogolovka. Places of welding process the special structure, a protecting welded seam from corrosion. Further the binding from metal or a tree is established and all – the base is ready.

It is possible to establish screw piles in two ways: manually and mechanically.

The special equipment is necessary for mechanical installation. The lack of such installation is a complexity in exposure of a pile on level, well and, of course, it is heavy to find such equipment. For installation of piles of big diameter use only a mechanical way of installation.

Screw piles if they small diameter, it is possible to screw up to the earth manually. Such way is more better, than mechanical. If you are going to build the small house, such way to you just approaches.

Advantages of construction of the base from screw piles are, first of all, that roughness of a surface of a site doesn’t prevent you to twirl a pile on level since the superfluous will be cut off. It isn’t necessary to perform earthwork, to expose a timbering, to potter with large volumes of concrete. All this sushchetsvenno will save time and money. Service life of such base – 100 years.

Lack of such base of complexity of the device of a socle.

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