Ten precepts aren’t enough!

Десять заповедей мало

In total. Will suffice. How many it is possible to live, having thrust the head into sand?
Yes, ten precepts aren’t enough. They teach us to patience. They teach us to humility. But it isn’t enough to reject worthy pressure of evil forces already. Because angrily – it not only SOMEWHERE THERE and not only SOMEONE THERE, he hides also deeply inside each of us. While each of us avoids fight, someone can blow up our Earth to devils!

Look round itself, turn back. It seems, everything purely, huh? And let’s remove now a little here this case. What do we see? Well, the web and garbage there is some dust. But we can’t climb there every day, the truth? Certainly, truth. But after all we CAN claim for some reason that at us EVERYTHING is PURE!

And with the evil. The fight line between the good and evil lies not in the White House or the Kremlin, not in Iraq or in an office of the bureaucrat. The front line of this fight is at everyone in the head. HERE AND NOW! Glance in back streets of the soul, and you will find there a lot of garbage. Clean these Augean stables!

Entering into so-called adult life, we for a short instant manage to see all dirt of where we after all get. Adult life is represented a smelly foul place of excrements, and people – the narrow-minded morons deceiving. “Reconcile, you will be able to make nothing. Learn to live well better! Think of the family! ” – speak to us already arranged on life Super – to Mega-Wood and later any time, kicking a little, we (each of us) reconcile. “Not we such, life such! ” – simply a masterpiece of the justifications, fundamental lie of a victory over the conscience, giving a free hand. Compromise which you couldn’t allow still a year ago as corrosion, will corrode your soul all further life if you aren’t able to stop.

The few heroes, risked to come to a war track with the evil, quickly burn down. Someone in a crematorium of suddenly gushed glory, someone in a mental hospital, someone in prison, the majority – is simple on a cemetery. For all reconciled they are little fools, loonies and criminals.
I want to make revolution. Revolution in brains. I want that the live understood is not SOMEONE SOMEWHERE SOMETHING SOLVES. It is each of us every second solves everything. I know – among reconciled there are still live people. I trust in power of good.

What is – “Kindness”? Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t desire. Anything, more shortly, superfluous don’t do.
War? It is bad! Sex? No way! Drugs? Never. Power? It is bad even inherently. Policy? It is dirt! It is better not to be put here because you will never be washed. Life? This punishment for our sins, and now to be cleared, we shouldn’t …

There was terrible in the essence a substitution of concepts as a result of which kind people consider that avoiding of life is a good, and hide … In sects, in monasteries, in communes, in ecological settlements… In unaffected a civilization a world, separately taken “Paradise”. So, of course, it is simpler – and conscience is true and it isn’t necessary to strain. But so won’t go!

Thrusting as an ostrich, the head in sand, we practically invite angrily to create the terrible affairs! Reconciling, we convince having the power of correctness of their decisions! Leaving from problems, we give carte blanche to evil forces!

Perhaps, already it is time to start LIVING?

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