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Surround itself with comfort

The hall is considered the most important element in your apartment, on its arrangement, its importance, its creation – is given to 30 – 40%. And, as a rule, we also are adjusted by it on this hall which takes the main place in this space.

What is the comfort, you ask? Imagine that being engaged in this hall, we plunge into work on its high-quality arrangement. In most cases, it and a case with outer clothing, and shelves for footwear, both umbrellas, and mirrors, and much other, on what we practically also don’t pay attention, and, especially is all our.

And now think that all this has to remain in an invariable look as the entrance to your apartment that sometimes deserves special attention and your neighbors and you.

Let’s think over a little such option that everything that is here, is made your hands, and as they say, you on it it is a little, but are looped.

Unfortunately, this hall, is quite small, here both a ceiling low, and the walls leaving afar and all this is practically without lighting. And therefore let’s create a hall more comfortable and cozy.

That it will be necessary to make at once: to reduce not the cases necessary to us, and on their place to deliver to steam of big mirrors which, in your opinion, will expand other space. Now we will address to illumination of a hall. Lighting is represented generally on hall corners, and as the best option the small lamps drowned in a floor, or on a ceiling, which as will expand its space will serve. Hall, besides standardizations of design decisions, it is necessary to recover, make, as though, it as much as possible comfortable, and to put a small sports corner for children, or to create the sports focused collage. Here it is possible to hang up some pictures which the illumination will help to be guided more precisely in it. Or to create small color уголочек which as it seems to you, will change rather various periods, for example: fall – golden, yellowish leaves, flowers to them and so on.

Besides, the area of a hall has to be occupied at least for 30-40%, as will be created by the spacious attitude towards her, to create a cosiness and comfort in it.

The kitchen, bedrooms, the nursery, loggia – they as have to correspond to the hall which occupies the main part of your apartment, and creation of such hall, will help you to treat more carefully and other rooms.

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