Soy sauce

Суши с соевым соусом

Dialing number of a favourite delivery service with irresistible desire to make the order sushi with all the heart to regale on Japanese entertainments, without making thus any efforts, we hope for fast and high-quality service. However often there is one small, but an unpleasant oversight – bring too little soy sauce. How to be in such situation? To swear? To eat a sushi “dry”? Or always to keep a small bottle of own sauce in the refrigerator? I think, the last option the most optimum! Today I will help you to choose the correct and qualitative sauce in the nearest shop for you.

So, we come into shop, we find a counter with soy sauces that is called on any choice and taste. And now attention: first of all we cut all plastic small bottles. Why? All the matter is that in plastic this product often loses the aromatic and flavoring properties, and sometimes at all becomes bitterish.

Now we still had only glass small bottles. We take that that it was pleasant more and we look at structure: in it there shouldn’t be nothing superfluous, except natural ingredients, such as soybeans, water, salt, sugar, wheat, vinegar. Any E and other harmful substances! On qualitative sauce it has to be specified: “it is made on the basis of natural fermentation”. If on a label the word “artificial” meets, it is better to refuse such product.

The following, on what it is worth paying attention – color, a consistence and a deposit. The real sauce has a brown, pronounced shade (if to look at a bottle at light, sauce will be light brown), a liquid consistence and, on the contrary, has no deposit (the deposit in this case speaks about the content of acids, dyes and other additives).

The following about what I want to tell – useful properties of soy sauce (relying on opinion of doctors).

Soy sauce – a product dietary, it doesn’t contain cholesterol (as products garbage: ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.), and number of its calories on hundred grams doesn’t exceed seventy.

Soy sauce possesses antioxidant properties, contains amino acids, improves blood circulation and improves taste of many dishes.

To remember only the sour cream mixed with soy sauce with addition of couple of drops of lemon juice or garlic. I think, and it isn’t necessary to argue that the such was tried by everyone, for example, with French fries or in Caesar salad. By the way, personally I, replaced for a long time purchased sauces with a mix soy, however, not with sour cream, and with the natural fat-free yogurt (the diet so turns out). In a tandem with lettuce leaves and shrimps it is simple a miracle! Real delicacy!

Well and the most important that now, dipping a beater into soy sauce, you will precisely know that it not only is very tasty, but also it is useful! Appetite pleasant to you, dear friends and excellent mood!

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