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Something about interpanel seams

- At you walls freeze through? You were tired to write letters to utility services? Then we go to you!

Really, this, apparently, trifling question often pours out in the whole epics. Here it should be noted that from the moment, when walls until understanding of start growing damp that the problem in seams, can pass very considerable time. During this time many manage to make the next repair, fondly assuming that covering with filling a problem wall a waterproof mix or even the same wall having warmed, they will get rid of problems. Far from it! To do repair if you have problems with a wall – absolutely wrong course! Whether early late dampness will get out again. And, as practice shows, there is it very much quickly…

We will consider that you didn’t come to the such yet and we start from understanding of an essence of a question. What the person first of all if at him interpanel seams suddenly start flowing or freezing through does? Correctly – addresses in municipal services. It after all they are responsible for everything that is created in your house. But if you think that will occur a miracle, and in the nearest future your problem really will solve, you deeply are mistaken!

For a start to you WILL PROMISE to deal with your issue. Then they (somewhere in half a year) will be surprised why you brought them the written statement – after all they just the other day were going to be engaged in your apartment densely!

Through even any time to you the very well grounded person (or a group of persons, called himself the commission) will welcome and will establish that actually that you had imprudence to change your problems in the window room! As a result of such conversations suppressing (! ! ! ) the majority of my clients with such statement of a question submissively agreed, and some even began to eliminate problems with a window. Exactly until seams again didn’t start “Bleeding”!

You again write the complaint, again go to swear in municipal services and, (Oh, a miracle! ) at last there come any children on a tower and something is done on a house facade.

The question is closed? Don’t hurry to rejoice – so occurs not always! What your chances? Let’s tell so – fifty on fifty!

And here only when the probability theory once again played with you an evil joke, you, at last, matured!!! You started understanding that except you, you aren’t necessary to anybody! You look for a question in Google, you start asking acquaintances what yes as, to be interested in technology of repair of joints. Probably, to you will carry exactly here, and you as a result will quickly find sensible industrial climbers who will make everything competently, but it is yet exact. After all each Abram has the program! Though success percent, undoubtedly, already much higher!

As the climber with an eight-year experience, I will dare to recommend the following method of the solution of a task:
1. By all means to fill with assembly foam all seams relating to your dwelling!
2. To miss the mark with mastic or special polyurethane sealant (Politek, Sazilast or Oksiplast type) not only your seams, but also and seams a floor – another above. Water, it is piece cunning – flows from top to down!
3. To pay attention to a roof and flights on a roof – probably a source of trouble is exactly here! I don’t recommend to disregard such “trifle” categorically – differently all your diligence can not bring benefit again!

Personally I even after observance of all these rules don’t make any temporary guarantee – only the promise to return if something happens! Painfully serious and many-sided it is a subject, and windows in it sometimes too play the role…

If after everything you again weren’t lucky, try any spells of the sorcerer – probably your house is damned!

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