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Soccer. Era dinosaurs.

You think, dinosaurs very long time ago died out? As though not so!

They live and are well and today. They, dinosaurs from soccer, FIFA and UEFA, pull game number one in the Mesozoic Era, and that, you look also ice age. While in many sports a long time use video reviews, game of millions stays in a primitive condition. It not teams fight with each other, these are judges solve who is stronger today. These are judges kindly invited French national team to the World Cup, these are judges decided that the national team of Ukraine is unworthy to become the prize-winner of the European championship, these are judges of the German duet made a trio (“Hoffenkhaym” – “Bayer”), is the judge win the Champions League and League of Europe, score not scored goals and don’t set off hammered, judges run in оффсайд, play hands, realize a penalty, develop theatrical abilities of players.

My bowl of patience was overflowed by a match of the German Bundesliga “Hoffenkhaym” – “Bayer”. The whole world perfectly saw that the second goal in gate of “rural” team wasn’t and in mention, and only judges together with football players from “Neverkuzen” suspicious didn’t notice anything! Shame!

Ah and! Really! What does it have to do with judges? They – only pawns on a football board! Everything is solved by dinosaurs… These dinosaurs as though derisively, still thought up so-called “Fair play”!

Actually they any not dinosaurs, at all! They, UEFA and FIFA, – the most real mafia. And than this subject in the world community is more long exaggerated, and than more long they deny obvious, everything is more clear and more clear to those that soccer from an easy hand of functionaries turned into the farce!

Era dinosaurs has to replace Ayr of video reviews, and differently soccer will simply die out. To be honest, I simply don’t understand why STILL video reviews didn’t become the ordinary phenomenon in soccer? !

Judges behind gate, situation “Off side” definition, game by a hand to the discretion of the arbitrator, added rubber time – here to you only some proofs of that we deal with a mafia in soccer.
Well here let’s deal with the situation “Off side”, for example. Hardly there will be at least one match in which there would be no questions about it. Offsayd is fixed (Attention! ) at the time of blow to a ball! Tell if transfer is given at least meters on ten forward how ONE arbitrator can see AT THE SAME TIME blow to a ball and position of the player which is given a pass? Only one animal is capable of it in our world – a chameleon! And that only because its eyes can be rolled in different directions independently from each other.

Or here such nuance – time added by the arbitrator! How the command score a goal on the sixth added minute if the arbitrator added three can? And it happens regularly!

Arbitrators behind gate? Yes put you them though two hundred, but the decision is made all the same by the chief judge, and to argue with it is absolutely useless!

Game by a hand? Why not to make everything frankly? The ball got to a hand or you to it played – receive a penalty. I got down, a sentimentality! And, surprising business (!), teams thus are on an equal footing!

Without video reviews the judge can treat any moment which has arisen in the field on the discretion, and in case of the wrong decision to recognize simple the mistake and to apologize before affected team. Well, or VERY to apologize!

It opens really huge opportunities for any frauds, since lobbying of interests of “the team” and finishing rates in bookmaker offices. And if dinosaurs from soccer stubborn continue to do anything, besides, that is necessary, it isn’t necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand that it is necessary for somebody…

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