Site creation. First steps

Создать сайт самому

On the Internet billion sites are placed. Practically on any question it is possible to find the answer, having asked this question to Yandex or Google. Over creation of sites million people around the world are engaged. So for what all of them are engaged in it?

Pass to any site. Look attentively, about what it. And now look, whether isn’t present on an advertizing site? Isn’t present? So can you on a site which in itself and there is an advertizing? Commercial sites seldom place third-party advertizing since the sense of their site consists in advance of own goods and services on the pages. That can’t be told about noncommercial projects. Any noncommercial site except the main information comprises the advertizing.

After all to create a site it isn’t simple to make it and to post in the Internet – let will be. Creation of a site incurs in itself any expenses. Domain purchase, hosting payment. It not big money but if you have, for example, some sites, these expenses are felt. And, certainly, there is a wish that they paid off. And still wants to forget that it is necessary to get up for work every day in the 5th mornings, wants to forget that there is no money for of what long ago you dream. Each owner of a site does it counting upon that it will be able to provide it sooner or later and his family. And not for nothing.

About how to earn on a site, I will tell in the following articles. In this I want to give a little attention to that such a site and as to make it.

For a start let’s review a small example of how it is possible to make a site. We now with you will create a site in 5 minutes. Follow this simple instruction:

1 . Create on a desktop the folder and call its “Site”.

2 . Come into this folder and create in it the text document.

3 . Open just created text document and gather in it the following code:

<title> My new site </title>
Cool! Is my first site which I created in 5 minutes!

4 . Select in the tab “File” item “To save as… “. In the opened window below choose “All files” and write a name under which it is necessary to save the index.html file.

5 . Close a text editor. Click 2 times the index.html file.

Here so you just created a site which is placed with you on the computer. No, it isn’t present on the Internet, but he is ready to that there to send it. If certainly to you rather such site.

For what there was this example? To show you that such a site. We used only some tags – words in triangular brackets which are responsible for a certain action, i.e. give command to your browser to show this or that element as you specified.

<html> …< /html> – these are tags which let know to the browser that the site page begins and comes to an end. To tell that any tag is closed, the symbol “/” is used.

<head> …< /head> – the beginning and the end of office part of a site – a cap.

<title> …< /title> – it is heading of your site which is displayed in the browser tab.

<body> …< /body> – beginning and end of the contents of the page.

And in general tags there is a huge number. In order that to examine all, there are specially for these purposes developed online textbooks. Very good such textbook –

So, what I wanted to tell all this? And, I remembered. Any site consists of the fouls containing a code. This code is sometimes so difficult for those who the first time faces it that wants to throw this invention and to forget about it. Here, for example, press in the middle of the screen the right button of a mouse and select the Initial Code of the Page item. Far it isn’t necessary to go, all at you before eyes. Pressed? Look, what initial code at this page. You understood something from this, what saw?

Actually, I didn’t write all this code manually. Control systems of a content were developed for work simplification with a site. To publish new article, it is simple to type it enough. All pages will be generated automatically.

The site can be made at all without possessing special knowledge. For this purpose it is enough to find a suitable cursor, to buy the domain and a hosting and all. However, problems can arise in settings because not all from them can be executed, without knowing the elementary.

In more detail about cursors we will talk another time. By the way, if the site is necessary to you, but you don’t want to penetrate into subtleties of its creation, to study programming languages, imposition of templates, etc., you can buy it. There are exchanges of sites where it is possible to buy a ready site. The truth a good site there costs good money. But it is possible also inexpensive to buy, put in it all the will power and to make of it a qualitative portal.

It is possible not to strain at all, and to order a site in those who is engaged in development of sites professionally. But it is possible not to hurry, and after careful consideration to approach to a question of creation of a site and to make it most and it is almost free. It is necessary to fork up after all on the domain and a hosting. Is, certainly and free hostings, but doing a site at them you will earn money of.

For today all…

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