Roupdzhamping… or as I from the bridge jumped.

– And you already jumped from the bridge? – my workmate on industrial mountaineering took an interest at me once.
– No! – I answered.
– Yes you that! – immediately it lit up idea. – Everything, on Sunday at us jumps! Ring round the friends – the more will be people, the better! I will organize everything…
– Hey – hey! And you asked me? Perhaps I don’t want!
– You are a climber! What means – I don’t want?

“All right”, – I think. “A man can die but once”!

And the workmate at me clockwork, as the Formulas 1 engine. But in mountaineering after all others don’t happen, huh? Well, at least, long. Everything, in – the general as it is necessary, I organized, not to refuse!

And there is us a person twenty on this bridge on Sunday morning, and my Shura, so with the brother of a rope according to any cunning scheme tighten. Essence in what? On the one hand the bridge is costed by the person, and the rope is fixed with another. When the daredevil jumps down, breakthrough is softened at the expense of a floating lever, and despite the lack of a special elastic band to health of the person practically threatens nothing! Yes, there is an option that the rope will tear (the morning sun never lasts a day! ) however on this case specially under us the river Sozh! As they say, welcome!

– Well, you will jump the first? – Shura when everything is ready to the action beginning asks me.
– No, give I then! – I answer. And soul, you understand, in heels long ago. And who not in heels, has such?

It was necessary, in – the general, to Shura my to the first to jump. Long he didn’t think. Time – also it is ready!

And here, just, and the more wishing were. Both still, and still, so it was necessary to me even turn to borrow. And that you will get a stress for fear while a jump you will wait.
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Surprising business – unanimously who to me jumped, in feeling flight by a mat expressed, but got out upward very much the happy. Some even two times jumped! Though without cowardly, of course, didn’t manage!

– You give it, Seryoga, long don’t think. The more you start thinking, the more terribly! – the workmate prepares me for a feat. – It is cool!

I something muffled answer and I get out on a bridge handrail. Person forward, and that as? Ooh, here it is height! All right, all right, I super – a bison, huh? On time – two – three…
– Time, two, three…

Wow! And hands hold, darling! Don’t want to release a handrail!

How to be? And all around in eager rivalry shout something, whisper, laugh… San speaks:
– If you don’t jump, you aren’t a climber, and…

Who didn’t tell, however, and that is fine! What to do? It is necessary to deceive somehow itself, whether that? ! Faced the bridge, I drank vodka for bravery, tried to relax, I waited a little, I listened to conversations, and I jumped!

Everything there occurs very quickly, I will tell you! Didn’t manage to be frightened, and the rope bears you up. It is possible to relax! But, oh! Again sharply down! Already spirit captured from surprise!

– How are you doing? Yes well I put! Class!
– Well as? It isn’t terrible? What there? – interrogate me questions when I, important, appear on rails.
– What? Try, learn! It’s cool! as anew was born!
– So you are the second time at once, can? – Shura blinks the eyes cunning.
– No… Will suffice! Next time!

Here such history! The second time I jumped then. And the third…

And you yet didn’t try? As Carlos Castaneda spoke, each person has to at least time in life jump in an abyss! Imagine is invigorates!

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