Repair by the hands

Ремонт своими руками

We want it or not but where we lived, sooner or later there is a need to do repair. But how to make it if we never such were engaged in anything? To paste wall-paper – please. But if it is necessary to change floors, for example, or completely to replace an interior? Recently more and more people change old wooden windows on new of the balsa. Not superfluous will and change a door, having replaced old sagged with the steel.

For those who is able nothing, the market of services was filled with masters who about pleasure will make any works for money. And money not the small. I more than am sure that the majority of people upon purchase of plastic windows order them with installation. And it is usually 15-20% more expensive. I.e., if windows on all apartment cost 1000 conditional dollars, with installation all 1200. The same concerns steel and interroom doors, balcony frames and all the rest.

Condition at the majority of those who sells windows and doors, very often is that if installation not they, aren’t present a guarantee. I beg you, don’t trust you of. The guarantee is and will be. 2 years! Read the law on protection of the rights of consumers. And it isn’t important that they there write in contracts. The majority of contracts of purchase and sale have no validity if you file a lawsuit the consumer claim. But now I not wanted to tell about it.

What from itself represents repair? This performance of work on replacement of the old, worn-out shape of your apartment by the new. I.e., to throw out old floors and to put new, to remove an old tile in a bathroom, having replaced it on new, to change old windows and doors on new, to re-stick wall-paper, eventually. And you consider, what you can’t make all this? Can! Anything difficult in it isn’t present.

I once thought that it is very difficult to construct a fireplace in the house. I so thought even then when finished the last number of a laying of a fireplace. But then I kindled it, sat down nearby, looked at fire and understood, what not so everything was difficult as it seemed at the beginning.

Each person can make repair by the hands. Happens terribly when you don’t know with what to begin. But here you shouldn’t be afraid – simply take and do. Hands are, the head is – everything means it will turn out. You think, what those masters who perform repair work, graduated from institutes by the profession? Yes the majority studied. And quality of works leaves much to be desired.

I when started building the house and business reached windows, bought them the same as all – with installation. On the first floor. On a penthouse I didn’t buy at once – there was no money. And so they established me them seemingly normally. And this year I bought windows on a penthouse and established them. Also you know, what I understood? That it very simply, first, and secondly when I compared that made itself and that to me fitters made, I understood that better I would establish windows itself and on the first floor. I from the first established 2 windows more exactly (I consider that ideally exactly), than these professionals. Simply I did for myself.

And door installation. Same as easy as shelling pears! But isn’t present, we will better pay, let we will be established by professionals. Why we so think? There is no wish to be soiled, there is no wish to strain, I paid and to you made… Tell, at work you earn so much how many paid to masters for the same time or amount of works? Or… You think, what if you don’t do repair, dirt will be less or you will less be soiled? And anything, what the workers performing repair work, don’t reflect at all on leaving after itself purity?

They do everything for money. But you would do for yourselves. In what difference? That it not to live then in this apartment. For example, they won’t show small shortcomings which can open in a year to you, and will hide, will cover. Everything will be made quickly – quickly and is ready. It certainly not concerns all, and that you will tell now that I adjusted all to one attribute. But everyone happens.

Therefore I consider that it is better to do repair by the hands. The word of honor, will turn out cheaper and more qualitative. Well and if to you laziness, it already other question.

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