Problems of Minsk “Dynamo”.

Every year once mocked KHL project everything becomes more serious and more serious. In recent years in times the competition grew, the number of the audience increased, there were new teams from the neighboring countries and not only, the project started earning serious money. Very seldom you will already see a match in which both teams faded “fulfill number” or matches “in one gate”.

Minsk “Dynamo” – one of the few teams in league which with big tortures drag the such cart which has bothered already of not solved problems. We so still really also didn’t decide on many things.

“Dynamo” is a commercial project or basic club of the national team?

No, well as! Certainly, basic club!

Why to basic club didn’t suit in due time Vitaly Koval, Andrey Mezin, Andrey Antonov, Vladimir Denisov, Evgeny Kovyrshin, Andrey Stepanov, Sergey Demagin? Notice, I listed only those who was or is the member of a national team and continues to prove the solvency in other KHL clubs!

Didn’t get on together? All right!

We didn’t decide on trainers and on hockey players. In six years we didn’t get on together with six trainers and more than one hundred legionaries! We can’t strum structure in any way because the Dynamo team Minsk is a trolleybus!

We with a light heart release players who are leaders in the present clubs. Crowds wander about the footpath trodden there-here from the championship of Belarus and back outcast and promising. How we will learn to play in minority if the structure hangs out how a card pack?
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The contract for a year is a maximum, on what the athlete who has got to club can count! But also it is a lot of! About a third of hockey players “leave” long before term of the expiration of the contract! How we can learn to realize the majority if we don’t know who in general will play tomorrow?

We weren’t defined that we want from club. We try “to cultivate” team, but we demand from Minsk “Dynamo” of indispensable hit in a playoffs. How we will learn to enter into others zone if players change how gloves?

How to solve this lots of problems?

Everything isn’t simple, and it is very simple. All these contracts for year, transfers and ruptures of the relations – no more, than someone’s business! Very profitable business, it is necessary to recognize! Cow not, state! And milk here it, nearby! Perhaps anybody also won’t notice!

– You want to play for “Dynamo”?
– Certainly, I want!
– And sign here this document! .

Yes money simply flows like water! Why something to change?

Imagine that “Dynamo” plays twenty people with contracts for five-seven years. Presented? And now think what to do these five-seven years to the chief milkman? Correctly – to dry oars!

At my subjective view, it is necessary to make only one thing! “Dynamo” should simply cease to do by a milk cow!

And if is even more exact – it is time to cease to do by a milk cow all Belarusian hockey! Because such rates there is nobody to milk soon – the calf championship died already!

Here only from where to it to undertake, to the OWNER if all around steal?

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