Person and his stone. Jewelry.

The person took a stone in hand, having hardly risen from all fours. And since then the stone served it as an instrument of labor and hunting, a security measure and attacks. Moreover, in the course of processing of a stone, people I improved the brain. Much later, having become more reasonable, the person saw that the stone is beautiful. Especially – a jewel. It bewitched perfection of the form, a play of light in crystals. People who in those far times perceived all space surrounding them as a live organism, saw in such stones of beings of a special, highest order.

And after all even today we believe that jeweler stones are not simply beautiful jewelry. They can influence the owner, helping or on the contrary, killing him. Everything depends on that, force of a stone and biorhythms of the owner how harmoniously interact …

How to choose jewelry not to do much harm to his future owner?

Well, first, the person has to look at a stone and be drawn to it. Ornament has to be pleasant, differently not reach harmony.
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Sometimes jewelry chooses, being guided by only superficial motivation – appearance of future owner. In this case – the choice “under color of eyes” will be the most acceptable, after all eyes is a window to the soul. So, green eyes will be emphasized by alexandrite or chrysoprase, and brown – a cornelian and aventurine. Blue eyes will be combined more harmoniously with orange and golden stones, and black demand contrast tones: amethyst or turquoise.

Medieval astrology, having studied and having generalized experience ancient, I coordinated a stone to zodiac character of the person. As in an astrology each zodiac sign has the opposite sign – an antipode, and stones divided on harmonious and negative. For example, the Capricorn shouldn’t carry Cancer stones and vice versa.

Well and the modern astrology more specifically proves a jewelry choice. Astrologers are sure that the stone has to promote harmonization of human character, strengthening its positive, positive qualities and slackening negative, negative. Red stones are contraindicated to people irritable and violent. And the emerald can be carried everything as it helps to open the best qualities in any person.

Choice for you, but you remember – psychologists claim that the talisman helps the person to achieve success only when the owner trusts in his force.

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