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People took it and nails beat to a cross…

Recently the Splin group declared clip birth to the song “Odd fellow” from an album of 2012 “Optical illusion”. According to Alexander Vasilyev, the leader of group, the clip was shot with the ordinary mobile phone, is built for half an hour on the computer and… it is ready. According to him, it will be the official clip to this song.

It became interesting to me that for the clip. If it is honest, the plot didn’t impress, but the song hooked. I am not the adherent of religion. And the religion here hasn’t enough – more philosophy. The sense is so obvious that sets thinking on life. Song in Russian:

The person is such being who is capable of everything, if only anything didn’t affect in any way his life. And if there is a theory even if it is the truth, capable it is simple to cast thought that it is necessary to change something in life, this theory needs to be destroyed. The person is very lazy that to change something. And to check any information sometimes so difficult that it is simpler to nail up to a cross of the one who extended this information.

It from the past. And what now? And now the same. We prefer not to tell that is obvious, but only to us, and to others “dark”. Because for for whom it will be news or something unclear, can seem that you touched a roof. We don’t want to be fools in the opinion of the companions. To us not to endure that will speak about us as about the abnormal.

Once I heard a parable. Somewhere on Earth to one handicraftsman at night came in dream that the angel was to him and told that in that well where all city takes water, next night water will deteriorate, and everyone who will drink it, becomes abnormal. The handicraftsman took all the jugs that were in the house in the morning, and went to a well to gather water while it didn’t deteriorate. People were surprised, why to the handicraftsman it is so much water. And he warned all that the angel told it. But anybody didn’t believe it. All laughed at it. And nobody followed its advice to stock up with water.

Next night water in a well deteriorated. And inheriting day when people took from it water and drank, they became abnormal. Within a short period of time all city became abnormal, and only the handicraftsman remained in senses, and all decided that it abnormal…

And here I, having remembered this parable and having heard to this song several times, reflected on the life. After all actually, when you tell to people obvious things, but not clear to the majority because of their narrow-mindedness or laziness to understand something, seldom someone listens up to the end, someone is even more rare perceives your words seriously. And practically anybody will already remember nothing in hour. You start considering abnormal, but you after all precisely know that everything that you told – the purest water the truth and exactly it is so necessary to do. But all around already consider you abnormal. And if you continue to tell the version further, in general anybody won’t listen to you.

People as I noticed, are more inclined to trust in any seamy side, dirt is interesting to them. Let’s take in an example television. On all ports someone killed, somewhere something blew up, again terrorists, a tsunami, accidents. Take the most popular ports. Why they have such popularity? Because except a seamy side it shows nothing. To start up a bullet in the head to the friend or any passer is on popular ports in the nature of things…

You wait, what I will continue the thought? You are mistaken. I won’t finish thought that you didn’t take me for the abnormal. Finish thinking…

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