Moved heaven and earth.

Sometimes it seems to me that our world went mad. The vegetable recognize sacred. Former man (jimjams! ) wins the competition “Ms. of Canada”. For some reason it is necessary to call the Black the Afro-American. To call thick thick is an insult. That is possible in one country, in another can execute easily.
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The thief of one country becomes dear citizen another. The competition “Miss World” is conducted by the homosexual who threatens to increase any improbable mode birth rate of gays in Russia. The ascetic minimalism is a repair of the one-room apartment for 30 thousand dollars.

Someone appropriated the Moon and sells on it sites. Sentenced to execution and executed rescue from death again to kill. To buy, it appears, it is possible “With benefit”! Maxims is a woman, Snegurk’s MS – the man (or the defective man).
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Unfortunate patriots in a mass order started talking in “native language”. Dealers in human bodies suggest to forbid abortions. Fighters with an urbanization give out sheds for a mansion. Communications operators, covering to 97,3% of the population, threaten to beat all cruelly.

In Russia, it appears, 800 thousand poets! ! !

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