Life on credit. Credit needle.

Show me that person who never used bank on the fact that to take the credit. Now began to resolve any issue as easy as shelling pears. It is necessary to make repair? To bring together the child in school? To buy the car or the apartment? To build the house? To pay training? Staff of any bank is always glad to you. After all delivery of the credits is their profit. Profits! Huge profits.

Despite gloomy and serious faces of staff of the banks which are processing documents for delivery to you of the credit, they in every possible way try to entice clients of other banks to themselves. Issuance of credit for credit repayment in other bank – today it not news. Offer lower interest rate, gifts and other tricks in order that the person took the credit from them.

But for what we climb in debts? If the bank can give out us the credit without any guarantors if the bank precisely knows, what we will return this money moreover and with percent why we can’t do without the credit? The answer to it a question is hidden in the essence of the person. Why to wait, save, save when it is possible to borrow money and everything that is necessary, to buy. Especially as many banks make the decision on issuance of credit within an hour, and sometimes quicker.

And you sometime thought of that, how many you lose? Let’s take, for example, the credit for 5 years. If attentively to study the schedule of payments, it is possible to see that in 5 years we overpay sum not less than a half. I don’t take Belarus in an example – at us here it is possible to overpay for half a year doubly. And all of us equally stand in a queue in bank. Also we look begging eyes at his employees – if only didn’t refuse.

Yes won’t refuse. If you took before the credits and returned them, to you won’t refuse. Besides, all papers to you will turn and with a bow will tie. You want to take the credit of 1000 dollars? So your salary allows to take 3000! Having learned about it, we with pleasure take everything. Without understanding that it is necessary after all to give.

Very often reaches before that people take on some credits in different banks. Most often to extinguish the previous. Because to pay already there are no forces. But don’t think that the new credit will need to be paid. Thus, we sit down on a credit needle – we can’t but take the new credit because there is nothing to pay the old. And so on indefinitely. And to escape from this circle very difficult.

The simplest way not to sit down on a credit needle – to refuse such services in principle. Listen to bankers about their most favorable offers less. Because they are favorable, first of all, to bank, but in any way to you …

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