Let’s sweep in the train

Плацкартный вагон

Each of us at least once in the life traveled by train. It is healthy to sit at a window and to watch constantly changing landscape. For this purpose it isn’t necessary even to twist the head as an eagle owl, and to strain a neck. The picture changes itself with a speed directly dependent on train speed. If in you is though a romanticism droplet, you will surely see the finest landscapes, even if your trip and short-term.

Besides a wonderful plantation of poppy, it is possible to see the charming cow who is blissfully chewing young escapes of hemp and blinking from pleasure and the sun, waving away from annoying flies and gadflies the mighty tail. And the thought of that comes to mind that tail length obviously doesn’t suffice to drive these annoying vampires with cervical (by the way, gentle, tasty and the most suitable for a shish kebab) part of her body. Therefore it constantly should shake the head and to move with ears. And if the tail was longer, muscles of a neck shouldn’t be strained as at all doesn’t strain their looking out of the window the going train. Respectively meat for a shish kebab would be even more gentle.

But the nature probably thought over everything. If the tail was meter two, it would surely be dragged on the ground and on it surely there would step a bull who approached to a cow behind for serious conversation. And naturally cow as any female person, surely would take offense. Owing to her offense on a young bull-calf full of strength can happen so, as there will be no calf to this world. And the shish kebab from a young calf is in general that is necessary.

Here so sitting at a window of a couchette car, it is possible to tie a cow tail with a shish kebab. Beef disappeared for a long time, and taste and a smell of a shish kebab difficult to drive away even if it fantastic and exists only in your brain. And it means only one – it is time to eat.

To eat in the car of the train is a pleasant and useful procedure. Useful – because as a result of meal, the organism through various chemical and physical reactions is filled with the energy necessary for its normal existence. And after all to us with our organism on the way throughout all vital road. And the body gains strength again. And these forces are necessary, for example, for actions similar to what the bull who has approached behind to a long-tailed cow is ready. Pleasant – because … well where you still will eat under way at a good speed (we won’t take in comparison run with a collapsing semi-finished product in a hand for work or from it, trying to catch the bus) and if it was lucky with fellow travelers, in the excellent company. Also we don’t forget about a view from the window, cheap imitation of a dinner outdoors.

Certainly, on a table there are various viands: the fried chicken, smoked sausage, cottage cheese, barrel cucumbers, “only from a bed” tomatoes, onions in feathers and here she is the queen of a table who is stately standing among all these delicacies, fresh as morning dew, transparent as urine of the newborn child – a small bottle of crystal-clear vodka. Why? ? For acquaintance in the car is it is sacred. But before all this it is necessary to wash hands. And it is possible to make in the car it only in a toilet, and at the same time and to dump an excess ballast to release a place for a chicken in vodka sauce. On a toilet we long won’t stop, because a toilet in the car not the strangest place. Especially after some passengers, the impression is sometimes made that that cow who was peacefully chewing hemp there visited. There is still a wash basin at the conductor, but more difficult to get to it than to come for an altar into churches. Let’s not be about it and we join a table.

Through a quantity of liqueur glasses (in the car it is glasses which the greedy conductor doesn’t want to give) heart-to-heart talks about life will pour down. Also it seems that your fellow travelers are familiar to you already one thousand years. And that they are the best people not only in the car, but also in all the train. In any case in the train, in all territory where only there went this car in which we so dashingly rush forward. And the conductor not such and the freak as seemed at once, quite friendly. It is necessary to invite him to a table in our super – the company. Wow, from where there was one more bottle? Probably, it is the magic car. And there is a wish to sing. Instead of whether to begin to us our song? Not all know words – it doesn’t matter! some passengers sleep? Well we with all the heart!

Time – a failure. Where I? Aha, toilet. Rather badly myself I began to feel and therefore decided to visit this institution. Probably sausage overdue. To sleep, sleep, sleep.

It is heavy to wake up, but this devil’s conductor won’t lag behind. At last my station.

Terminal station “ARRIVED”.

However let’s remember that except passengers at the car there is one more person. Truly is a conductor. And he sees all this way a little with other foreshortening. But about it next time.

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