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Invincible love to buses

I adore to go by the bus . Constantly I buy the travel card to save. With the travel card I can go by the bus thousands flights. And when will bother to go by one bus, I with pleasure change in another.

Who thought up such type of public transport, how the bus? This is the person who loves very much people. When I come into the bus, already I feel this heat. Or not it. But all the same warmly. In the summer this heat which is transmitted from the sun through windows. the Conductor – it the keeper of this heat. Therefore she watches that hatches were battened down.

In the winter too warmly. Because when I ran on the bus – was warmed. I love the bus. I am ready to sell soul, only that they went and went. Only not as recently. The driver probably fell asleep at a wheel therefore went without stops. And even when I called it on the button, it all the same stopped only on the following. I certainly could change on the counter bus if it there was not a night.

Drivers of buses is in general very hardworking people. They are very important for all branch as a whole. Without drivers buses will stand. And then we won’t be able to enjoy trips on them. So important drivers, what even go very important, without hurrying. Don’t hurry anywhere. Happy people. And happiness bring to the passengers.

Recently the driver, poor, got hungry absolutely. I went for a corner of pies to eat. Well you, it only for 8 minutes went later. And I wasn’t late at all for the train. Simply when we arrived on the station, I ran to the only train and jumped in the first car. Well and that I got on the correct train, I learned when it started. Well. Trains in other heading. Now about the bus.

Every day I get on a bus and I go. I adore when about me all rub the others. Besides, all of them rub as well about themselves, and about other same happy passengers. When somebody yawns, I like to sniff that it he such ate today the tasty.

Sometimes happens that somebody very much is late and in order that the bus went quicker , helps it to increase speed. It is only chance in overflowed bus to take a sedentary place .

And how many all interesting can be recognized. I learned recently that from that aunt, at which birthmark under an eye… that her daughter has a neigbour who went recently on giving to dig potatoes. So she promised the daughter aunty’s to sell some bags cheap. Yes, I about it learned. It is very important. Still I learned that, it appears, it is better to wash down vodka, differently it is possible to burn a thorax. In as!

And here our road builders too did pleasant things – through each kilometer dug the police officer . Sleeping. Alive, probably, but for some reason so it call. The poor creature won’t wake up in any way. And so. These humpbacked cops who have been rolled up in asphalt, lie now through each kilometer. Sometimes more often. And drivers of buses… as I love them… never brake. Oh, probably police officers brought many troubles to drivers of buses. That is why they so hate them? And while police officers sleep, they by buses, loaded people to top, them move.

Separate attention I want to pay to conductors. Usual, nothing being allocated people sometimes can’t get into the bus that for work to reach, and these manage in the bus to move, to sell tickets, to count money. Also remember after all all who bought the ticket, from whom the travel card. And a hare far off feel. As wolves.

Everything I recommend to to go only by buses . Standing or sitting in the bus it isn’t necessary to think, what transfer to include, where to turn whom to cut. Drivers of buses it do all. And you only stand or sit, and don’t forget to leave at the stop…

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