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Interpanel seams. Technologies.

As we remember, interpanel seams are very problem site among all-construction works. In this regard technologies of their repair constantly change (I wanted to tell – are improved, but restrained). At present at us in Belarus all seams in new panel multi-storey buildings are under repair as follows:

1 . In a seam the foamy cord is inserted and pasted, in the people speak – “sausage”.
2 . Outside the seam by means of the pallet is covered with two-component polyurethane mastic like “Politek”, “Sazilast”, “Oksiplast”.

In total. Expensively, but it is simple and reliable.

However there is a weight old and not so houses in which majority maintenance for a long time wasn’t carried out, without speaking about the capital. Here also problems begin.

At overhaul it is accepted to withdraw completely all from a seam, and then to insert into it foamy sausage, (attention! ) to bring plaster and to bring mastic (as a rule, a brush! ) . Because to process a seam at once mastic the pallet for some reason it is very expensive (!) . Or laziness. Or still something… Why brush? It is much less expense – time! More simply and quicker – two!

I will cut out terrible secret – when putting mastic by a brush in it (mastic) when stirring it is added (tremble! ) gasoline. What here the terrible? And on a bucket with mastic it is in black and white written – NOT to PART with SOLVENTS! Why after all all part? And you would try to bring with the pallet not divorced mastic on a seam between plates – and all would understand! Speed as at черпахи. Expense big. I pound – a minimum.

Whether gasoline influences properties of mastic? Most likely – yes! But then how many years will stay such seams? Good question. In seven years of work in mountaineering I personally processed mastic about twenty thousand square meters of walls. And so, I came back on a guarantee (and a guarantee – five years! ) only two times. Here we again face a question of a disagreement of the theory and practice.

Here is how on me, so sometimes wants to take all these technologists, architects and designers, to gather and give them in hands of a sledge hammer and jackhammers – can do it them slightly will bring to reason! ?

Well. Give, My God, that there were these seams long and strong!

For now we will talk about maintenance of seams. Here it seems everything is simple – mastic and a brush! Now in our country good business brought to marasmus – sometimes process mastic on three, five, ten square meters on the apartment… Absolutely useless occupation! Water flows down from top to down? And if the apartment on the fourth floor, and a leaky seam on the sixth?

Or here such moment! Invested money in seams, and about a roof which needs to be changed long ago, or awful parapets, forgot… Won’t pass also five years, and problems with seams again will arise!

At my subjective view, problem places at first it is necessary to fill in with assembly foam, and then to process mastic. It seems everything is simple, but effect – amazing! We not only pressurize seams, but also we warm the apartment!

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