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Internet. For what?

All know that such the Internet. But not everyone understands how it is possible to use it. The majority of people uses a world wide web to kill time – to communicate to friends in social networks though it is possible to meet and make this communication more interesting, to play in games, to watch movies, to download something, to read news, etc. I.e., for the majority of people the Internet is a useless thing. The only advantage of it – you always butut in a course of events also will be able to kill favorably time at any time.

Very few people think that such the Internet of what it consists. It seems that to think of it, it is to any and it is so clear – from sites. Correctly, from sites. And what such sites? Whose they? Why to their owners they?

I will cut out one small secret, which at all even not a secret. Anything in the world doesn’t become just like that. Any site on the Internet is made to earn money. Yes, money. Everything is so banal that there is no sense to continue … Or to continue?

I will continue. But all one after another. What is the site? It is a code, i.e. a lot of different special words, symbols and other nonsense which after processing on the server or in the browser shows you that you see. And you want to see how actually the Internet page looks? It is very simple to make it. Press the right button of a mouse in the middle of the screen. In the list choose something like “to look at an initial code of the page” or something something like that. In each browser this record looks differently. So, click on this link. And you will see that such a site.

For what I everything tell it? Itself I don’t know.

So, now look around. Yes isn’t present, not round you, and on a site on which you now are. What do you see? At the top of the page under line of the menu, in the bottom of the page, at the left – on a site 3 blocks of advertizing from Google are installed. What is the advertizing from Google? The Google company is made to earn money too. And you thought, what for the mankind benefit? Alas, but it not so. It is a pity to me. Sorry, if it trod on your corns …

And so. Google created the advertizing network. More clients want to attract different firms, the companies, the organizations on the sites. They pay advertizing. Pay to Google. And big money. And there are owners of sites who establish the Google code on the site. And thus advertizing of firms which paid for it, is shown on different sites. And, that advertizing which can interest the user somehow is shown. Here you as here got? By what inquiry? What did you look for before? What history was remembered by your browser? All this is considered. Also the necessary advertizing which can interest you is shown. Also the contents of the page on which the code is established are considered. As a result in order that you wanted to click all advertizing. And if something interests you, and you click the advertizing link, from the account of the advertiser, to whose site you passed, a certain sum of money will exchange letters. The part of this money will take away to itself Google, well and the owner of a site on whom there was a transition to a site of the advertiser will get part.

So, to what we came? What is the Internet? This space filled with an unclear code where the most part of people carries out the most part of time in order that someone spent money, and someone earned.

You never thought what it is possible to earn money, staying at home and anything special without doing? What do I mean? Here to add this article, I will spend in total minutes of the 20th time. In few months this article will bring on this site of 3-4 people. On my own statistics, every 20th visitor of a site passes on advertizing. I.e., every 20th visitor of a site brings to me from 5 to 80 eurocents. Depending on what advertizing interested him. But on the average, each 50 visitors bring me 1 euro.

Can make an own site and earn with its help money actually everyone. It isn’t so difficult as it seems at first sight. It is possible to create a site at all without owning special knowledge. A little later I will tell how to make it, having only the computer and Internet connection.

Statistically, each article published on a site, finally brings on a site of 1-8 people per day in 3-4 months. Certainly, it everything is very relative. Simply big role is played by a subject on which this or that article is written, to what degree this subject is demanded, what competition, on what light is your site in respect of advance, on what light there are sites of your competitors. Yes, among sites too there is a competition. Each webmaster wants that his site by the necessary search inquiries was higher in search results. The it will be higher, the more visitors will come to it. So, and profits will be others.

To admit honestly if to aim and work over creation and site filling within a year – two, then you will be able to forget that you need to get up for work in the morning again. Any site can be dispersed so that it will bring thousands dollars of profit a month in a year – two. But about it in the following articles.