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Ingenious Alphswindle

This history originates in those far times when the certain enterprising shaggy alien calling by Alph, appropriated a monopoly to call in honor of itself not only the first letter of Ancient Greek language, but, as a matter of fact, and the alphabet …

And so, still dopodlinno it isn’t known, whether Alph in creation of all Ancient Greek language accepted direct participation, as well as how it managed to carry out the ingenious alphswindle (I apologize for a pun), however it at all doesn’t belittle that surprising sharpness and a devil insight with which the shaggy villain at the very beginning of the very and very interesting career acted.

One Alph it is known how, imperceptibly getting into consciousness of people, it step by step won everything new and new spheres of influence. Without stopping literally before anything, consistently and methodically it realized all mad ideas in the talent. “Alpha Romeo”, alpha particles, alpha radio and “Alfa Bank” – here is far not the full list of successfully done affairs of the bright businessman. He contrived to appropriate absolutely with impunity the whole constellation, you represent?

Here you reflected sometime, as well as from where there was a word “Gigolo”? And what here you will do if rich little fools like role-playing games?

But it still florets! And here that is really serious, so it that didn’t do without his shaggy paw even in judicial bodies. You heard expression “A hairy hand”? And so, it appeared from giving the Alph. More precisely, since its first bribe. Hands at it shaggy, you understand?

Or here to take expression “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” … The group the Alpha got for a long time respect not only at dominating, but even among mere mortals. It, group, carries out now the most difficult and responsible military tasks that only once again proves force and possibilities of our hero. Instead of so long ago Alph for the first time openly I declared myself, claiming that it is absolutely at all a hallucination, and quite even the specific historic figure!

– And what image it made it? – you ask.

Movie! It released the movie which and is called – “The Project of Alph”! Result such, without exaggeration to tell, a courageous advertizing course was not only emergence of new branch of the income of the insatiable businessman – soft toys, but also and that Alph now (in representation of the vast majority of people) – the such lovely and charming being who is allocating against universal weak-mindedness.

We need to guess only, why I threw out Alph this trick with a materialization, however I at all won’t be surprised, for example, if promotion of its candidate on a post of the U.S. President becomes the following step of the crafty alien. It seems to me even, what in this case it has very quite good chances – if the Black could become the president why and the Alph not to become?

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