Hydraulic quencher of fluctuations or…

Гидравлический гаситель колебаний

Author: Sergey Shoman.

And I too have a history the cool. I studied in technical school. Railway. Long studied. My “favourite” teacher told even: “Anything, Seryoga, the first five years hard, then you will get used!”

I worked then for “Enamel ware”. To that absolutely in general not in the specialty. But the thesis I wrote. Too history interesting. I wrote-wrote, and the problem didn’t meet with the answer. Long I the teacher tortured – in what business, and she to me: “Adjust to the answer” – and all. It became already offensive for me. Most it is interesting – that there not so after all? ! Well it is fine – not to copy the thesis because of such nonsense, in the business. It, by the way, to a question why we live in shit.

In general, to protection we chipped in together group for a box of “Animal”. Whatever you may say, and vodka cool was – how many wouldn’t drink – there is no hangover. The only condition was in that with anything not to mix.

After each five being protected there was a scientific group of teachers of type to smoke. And I in the fourth five was – so they already all good were by then, happy.

I come, so I start answering. I read according to the thesis – itself I wrote, everything I know. Teachers happy sit – think – all super. Tear off, is shorter than me stop short to minute on the third, and speak:

– We see, type that everything you know. And answer now a couple of questions as the expert “Enamel ware”, and will suffice …

And in audience of stuff of the railway shelf crack. Well, to me one such also show. Be responsible supposedly that for a crap. Don’t know only kind that in a crap of this I boom boom.

I stand. I am silent means. And here though something would come to the head the sensible. No. Any hydraulic quencher of fluctuations unclear, and all spins only in language. And that is unclear where here to look for it and with what it eat.

And teachers see my awkwardness and encourage:

– Well, give, type don’t become flustered.

What to do? I sighed and blurted out on all class:

– Hydraulic quencher of fluctuations!

– Ga-ga-ga!

Everything who was in audience began to neigh.

Teachers pricked up the ears. Exchanged glances. Manager. offices with a fist to me I waved.

– All right! – speak. – To whom doesn’t happen! Let’s ask you one more question. And you think properly, don’t worry, and everything will be good!

“A horse-radish to you – it is good! ” – I think, understanding that the khan to me.

– And here it that for a flourish, you know?

Not-not, wait. And I thought that would be quite good, four years studying in technical school, the nobility though something, however late to drink milk with “Borjomi” – it is necessary to do something. On the parties I look, can who will prompt! ? No …

And these inquisitors everything encourage me:

– Well, you told last time something …
“Aha! – I understand – the Hydraulic quencher of fluctuations show! Precisely! Have to help out – for what so much vodka is bought by it! ?”

And, having collected the strength, I blurt out:

– Hydraulic quencher of fluctuations!

– Ga-ga-ga!

Seriously! More reptiles laugh. The manager of chair grabbed the head. All sobered up at once, think that with this blockhead to do.

– All right! – speak. – Let’s ask you one more question. But if and it you don’t answer, there is nothing to do … Also became silent.

“Let’s behead you! – I guessed. – Now precisely end to me!”

– There to the right of you on a table that for a gadget lies? – ask.

Give I will tell? ! And I as the guerrilla I am silent – life dull remember.

– Well give more safely, that you. What you spoke last time?

“Really IT? Is that so!? ” – I think.

– Well, answer, be not afraid. You, speak, probably, simply suffered prolonged anxiety. Gather. As you there spoke last time?

I bent the head and spoke silently:

– I don’t know.

– Well as you don’t know! You know!

And surely so speak, swine!

– Hydraulic quencher of fluctuations, whether that?

What you laugh? And I told.

And all office joyfully so rustled at once:

– Well here you see, you know after all! Well done But … We have to set to you still a couple of questions to make sure that you are a cool expert. Truth?

– Yes! – mass meeting confirmed. – He simply suffered prolonged anxiety. Right now he everything will answer …

And I there was a business – was delighted.

“Right now I will answer you! Bitches!”

But also here I was mistaken. It is necessary – to fulfill them “Animal”! Not to make a blunder, this time to me sent the ballroom pianist. I don’t remember about what there me asked – the dream was one – to fail quicker through Earth from such shame.

Well, I defended the thesis, in general, such here in the interesting way. Hydraulic quencher of fluctuations? Anywhere at any time in any condition now I will find. And the conductor I became as a result good. Honest it is honest. But it already another story altogether…

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