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How to whitewash a ceiling

Whitewashing of a ceiling is today the cheapest, simple and environmentally friendly mode it to refresh. It is possible to bleach it chalk, lime, and it is possible to buy special water emulsion whitewashing for a ceiling.

So, we will consider all modes separately.

Ceiling whitewashing by chalk.
We take 5 liters of warm water, 20 grams of blue, 30 grams of joiner’s glue and 3 kilograms of chalk at the rate on 10 square meters of the area of a ceiling. Concerning existence in solution of blue you shouldn’t worry, the ceiling blue won’t be, but further won’t turn yellow. We knead solution, it has to be a dense consistence so that solution didn’t flow down from a metal subject.

Ceiling whitewashing by lime.
We take 3 kilograms of extinguished lime, 70 grams of table salt, 200 grams of aluminum alum, 500 grams of dyes at the rate on 10 square meters of the area of a ceiling. Then everything is carefully mixed and gradually we add water. The volume of solution has to be about 10 liters.

Ceiling whitewashing by aqueous emulsion ink.
The simplest mode, but in comparison with above described is a little more expensive. The consumption of paint always can be learned on packing. Also it is necessary to remember that if there was no paint, it is necessary to buy in addition just the same as different producers and brands can differ a shade whiteness.

Before starting whitewashing, it is necessary to inspect carefully a ceiling about existence of cracks and old plaster. Probably, in some places it is necessary to smooth out and process a joint filler.

If the ceiling was whitewashed earlier by chalk, over lime it is impossible to put a chalk layer because there are stains and spots. To avoid it, it is necessary or to use chalk for whitewashing, or carefully to wash away chalk from all surface of a ceiling. Only after careful washing off it is possible to bring lime or to cover with special water emulsion whitewashing.

Whitewashing can be carried out the roller, a brush or a disperser. As a disperser it is possible to use the vacuum cleaner in which there is such function.

Also starting whitewashing of a ceiling it is necessary to remember some simple rules:
1 . In order that when painting by the roller or a brush solution laid down exactly, without leaving drops, it is necessary to gather solution without surplus and to put some layers.
2 . Limy solution lays down on a damp surface better.
3 . Before painting by water emulsion whitewashing it is better to process a ceiling soil liquid.
4 . That didn’t remain stains at the painting, the first layer has to be put from a window, and the last layer, on the contrary, from an opposite wall to a window.

You shouldn’t forget about precautions. Starting whitewashing it is necessary to put on a protective mask and points that particles of solution didn’t get on mucous mantles and to lungs.

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