How to tell about itself to the whole world

Стать соавтором

When in the head there are so much thoughts that there is a wish to tell as soon as possible them to all on light, it is very important that you had an interlocutor, ready to listen to you. But not always it is interesting to our friends or companions to listen to us. And what if to write down and tell all these thoughts about them to all to whom it is interesting? Each person has such opportunity.

The Internet gives such opportunity. More and more people around the world get own blogs where tell everything that to them happens that could occur or… It is possible to tell about everything that became painful or doesn’t allow to concentrate on another matters. The blog is such tool where it is possible to speak, speak, speak… and that the most interesting, surely will be those to whom it will be to read interestingly.

How to make the blog? It is possible to introduce the ideas on social networks. But the readership will be limited by a circle of friends, to the majority from which all the same what to read – if only to be in a subject. It is possible to create own blog – then you will be read by all who will want. Whole world.

But not everything is so simple. To create the blog, it is necessary to know the elementary device of sites, it is necessary to understand how sites move ahead. After all the blog is the same site, only not with static pages, and dynamic which are constantly updated in process of writing of new articles. Without knowing many moments influencing promotion of the blog, it is possible to spoil on the contrary it, and it never will appear searching.

But there is an alternative decision – become our author! You can write articles about everything that it is interesting to you. Introduce the ideas, ideas, argue! There are no restrictions, except the publication of articles on such subjects which in the civilized world are considered as “indecent”. And still you have to have own opinion, instead of to be a vegetable. To vegetables a place in a ragout.

How to become the coauthor of the blog “House and Family”? In detail about it it is written on this page.

Join! There are no obligations. There are no restrictions. Give the chance to million people to endure around the world that you worry. Share with them the opinion if you have it if you aren’t a moron. Believe, very many it is necessary. And you – a moral discharge.

For what many use psychologists, go on a confession to the priest? Really you think, what to consult? The majority is simple to express. To tell that can’t more to anybody. And how the psychologist or the priest behaves? Simply listens! You can open soul for the whole world. And surely there will be those it will be interesting to whom to read you. On our blog the name of the author anywhere isn’t written. If you don’t write it – anybody never learns it. But readers will be! Constant readers, admirers! You want it? Then join ours not big, but growing team!

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