How to protect the child from cold during a cold season.

Naturally, each mother wishes the child only good luck and health. But at times, excessive care and precautions don’t go on advantage to the baby. Especially it is shown during the autumn and winter period when there is a question of the correct day regimen, a food and clothes. As they say, we want as better, and it turns out as always. How it is correct to arrive to preserve the child for cold?

Healthy nutrition.
Fruit, vegetables, juice, meat surely have to enter into a diet (chicken, a rabbit, beef, a turkey), porridges, eggs, soups on vegetable broths. It is impossible to force the child to overeat, he has to eat at will, instead of on specially developed mode.

Healthy sleep.
The dream has to be quiet and deep, not less than 10 hours. It is promoted by walks in the open air, restrictions, just before a dream, computer games and viewing of telecasts. Listening of loud music is undesirable also.

Enough of vitamins.
The kid receives vitamins, using vegetables and fruit. But their time happens insufficiently, and the modern pharmaceutics rescue comes, providing are wide a choice of polyvitaminic preparations. Vitamins C, A and B6 which resist to bacteria and viruses help to protect the child from diseases. Vitamin D is obligatory for children of the first years of life, and vitamin E helps to bring toxins out of an organism.

Healthy lifestyle.
Walks and games in the open air, occupations by active sports help to lower possibility of emergence of a stress and chronic diseases. As result – to save from seasonal cold.

Comfortable psychological climate in a family.
It is scientifically proved that children who live in a family with comfortable psychological climate, are ill less, especially chronic diseases. It is possible to provide such climate with mutual understanding, support, love and participation.

Correct clothes.
It is necessary to dress the child according to weather, considering his active way of life. it is important to watch that to the child it wasn’t cold (trying handles, a nose, legs) or hot. In the latter case, the child, having calmed down after vigorous activity, can sweat, cool down and as result, to catch cold.

Reception of immunoexcitants.
It is quite scrupulous way which demands confirmation by analyses. Only the children’s pediatrician, on the basis of results of analyses, has the right to appoint reception of immunoexcitants to children with an immunodeficiency. Otherwise, independently it is child to appoint dangerous to his health.

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