How to prepare a cottage cheese dessert – cheesecake.

How to prepare cheesecake, or cottage cheese pie in house conditions? Very simply. Classical cheesecake consists of a cake layer and a stuffing. Both that, and another it is possible to prepare easily from the most usual products.

So, for a cake layer we will need 200 grams of a cracker, 5 tablespoons of the kindled butter, a quarter of a glass of sugar and a salt pinch. We take a blender and with its help we crush cookies in powder then we add in it the kindled oil, sugar and salt. The received weight we spread in a form and we distribute on a bottom and edges then we bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees within 15 minutes. When the cake layer is baked – we allow it to cool down.

Now the stuffing is necessary to us. For its preparation we need 1 kg of cream cheese or cottage cheese, the teaspoon of a lemon dried peel, a tablespoon of lemon juice, 4 large eggs, on a glass of sour cream and sugar and is a little salt – teaspoon about a half. All these simple ingredients need to be mixed in that sequence in which they are written. In cottage cheese it is added a lemon dried peel and juice, further – eggs (on one), and, at last, sour cream. It is better to mix everything at an average speed since, on high our stuffing can appear anywhere, including a ceiling, walls and a pan with macaroni. At a small speed you will mix components for a stuffing infinitely long…

Now we have of what cheesecake – a cake layer and a stuffing consists. Farther all simply – we Take a baking sheet with high boards, we put in it our form with a cake layer and we pour out a stuffing on a cake layer. After that in a baking sheet we pour boiled water. Water has to be at the level of the form middle with our cheesecake. In total – now we put in an oven (150 degrees) at one and a half-two o’clock. When our dessert will bake, we get from an oven and I will eat up to cool down at the room temperature of minutes 20. After that accurately we take pie from a form and we allow it to cool down up to the end. And the final stage – we put cheesecake in the refrigerator for the night.

Here such here simple recipe. As you can see anything difficult though in Europe and the USA are a usual dessert in the menu of restaurants. You can order cheesecake in a delivery service, and you can prepare it and. We considered the recipe of classical cheesecake, but nobody forbids to experiment. Versions of cheesecake there is very large number. Sometimes instead of a cake layer cookies are used, in a stuffing add fruit, berries and chocolate.

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