How to earn on the Internet

Как заработать в Интернете

Very few people know that the Internet is not only a place where it is possible to spend all the free time, playing tanks or communicating on social networks. Not many can imagine, how many on the Internet of money. Someone spends this money, and someone earns. But how? About it also we will talk.

Let’s take in an example any Internet a site. How you think, how many was enclosed money that to create it? All right, let’s consider that the owner of a site made it itself, i.e. for development of a site didn’t pay cent. But… he paid for the domain and for a hosting, he paid for site advance. After all if it didn’t make it, you never about it would learn. But if you visit it if you got for the first time on it a site through a search engine, the webmaster it means advanced. Also it poured out to it in the normal sum of money.

And what you think, the person just like that took and spent blood that you enjoyed then results of his work? No. Such doesn’t happen. Only 0,01% of sites are created without mercenary motives. The others to earn.

But how it is possible to earn on the Internet? Many saw such message that it is possible to earn nothing at forums and bulletin boards putting. Usually suggest to earn on advertizing viewing. I will tell at once – we won’t consider this way of earnings. Why? Because there is no wish to waste time and your. Such type of earnings is calculated on juvenile children who have nothing to be engaged more. It is possible to earn on advertizing viewing no more than 1 dollar a month. It is earnings for service in which you invite, instead of for you. If you decided to earn on the Internet thus – you will simply waste time. But in a year – two-three you will look for new ways of earnings.

To earn serious money on the Internet, there is a wish you for it or not, you should do the site. And here is how to earn on the site – I will a little tell about it.

So, all one after another. At first it is necessary to create a site and to be engaged in its filling and advance. As to make it – I will tell in the following articles. In this only how to earn on a site that you understood for what it in general is necessary to you.

When you have a site filled with a content, indexed in search engines, to you visitors will start coming from them. Certainly, except filling of a site it is necessary to take care of that you had a competitive content, it is necessary to carry out some number of works that your site was searching not farther, than on the 3rd page. Statistically, more than 3 pages in search results are looked through by very small number of people.

Let’s assume that already passed half a year, and you have rather advanced site. Yes, half a year, and what you wanted all and at once? Half a year is the minimum term to pave the way for earnings. And if you don’t accept such terms, then to us not on the way. If you want all and at once, to you to unload cars. Or to collect mushrooms berries on days off. And so, we will allow your site visit 100-200 people daily. A half of them comes to you from the search engines, the second half – your regular customers. They like about what you write, and they regularly come on your site to read that the new. Why I took such number of visitors in an example? It isn’t so simple because to receive any more as it seems. But about it in other articles.

So, you have a visited site, Yandex carried out updating and appropriated yours a site a citing index, let us assume, 20. Google carries not so often out updatings, but here after it made it, at your site PR became, for example, 3. Well, very quite good indicators for a young site. Now it is possible to think of its monetization.

Ways of earnings on a site happen different. Let’s begin with the first and basic is an advertizing on a site. You don’t hurry to stuff yourself the head, where to find advertisers. It isn’t necessary to look for anybody. When you will have an attendance of 30000 people per day, advertisers will find you. For now place on a site advertizing from Google or Yandex (the truth Yandex accepts sites with attendance not less than 300 people per day therefore we will talk about advertizing from Google). The person, reading your articles, sooner or later will leave from a site. Where it will leave? Probably it will switch off the computer and will be shot, having read your articles. And will probably pass to other site. The advertizing Google Adsence works in such a way that your visitors will see only such advertizing which them interests. I.e., there is a high probability of that the visitor of your site will pass to a site of the advertiser. And it already cash.

How advertizing from Google works? The advertiser pays money. Usually it is big money. Makes the announcement text, in settings specifies, how many it is ready to pay for transition according to its advertizing link. And you, in turn, as the webmaster, can receive a code for your site which you will insert into any convenient place on the page. If the person looks through the page about cars, most likely advertizing about cars will be shown to him. It read about cars at you and can pass to a site of the advertiser, after all there too write about cars. And it now it also interests. Thus, if your visitor followed the advertizing link which is placed on pages of your site, from the account of the advertiser any sum of money exchanges letters. The part of this money takes away to itself Google, well and part – yours.

How much is 1 transition? This sum happens different. From 1 cent to 68 dollars. Probably, happens more, but on my memory such wasn’t.

Advertizing from Google thus, as looks… on this site 3 blocks of advertizing from Google – from above over article, below under article and to the left of article in a lateral column are placed.

It is the first way to earn on the Internet. There are also others, for example earnings on partner programs. What is the partner program? Present that you sell any product. For example cologne. At you sales go well. But it would be desirable even better. And here you decided to ask the whole world that it helped you to sell your cologne. And all started selling it at once? Certainly not. Anybody and a finger won’t move free of charge. And if you offer 10% from sales? Here that is another matter. Will be wishing, ready to earn together with you.

The same and on the Internet. There are the sites, suggesting to buy various goods or services. It can be digital goods, such as games, programs, antiviruses, can be and real subjects which can be touched. Up to real estate, cars and large business. If such seller has a partner program, and you can participate in it. And to earn on involvement of new clients.

How many it is possible to earn in partner programs? This question has one million answers. What of them you I most of all will arrange I don’t know. Therefore in general I will tell nothing. It is a joke… Before registration in the partner program to you will suggest to examine conditions and tariffs. Some companies pay to partners 1-3% some of 50%. Some partner offer the fixed sum but if the new client for example executes a number of actions. In more detail about partner programs I will tell a little later.

There is such way of earnings on the Internet, as sale of links. What does it mean? You have a site. And there are exchanges of links. You are registered at this exchange as the webmaster, and someone is registered as the optimizer, i.e., the person who advances the site. One of factors for successful advance of a site is the quantity of mentions of your site on other sites, and is more concrete – the more other sites refer to yours, the better. Therefore there were exchanges of links. Someone wants to place on other sites more links to the, and someone not against if on its site for money someone else’s links are placed. As a result, someone pays, and someone earns.

It is a way of earnings can bring big money to the owner of a site if on a site there is a lot of a content, i.e. it is a lot of pages, if at a site high rates a citing and PR index. But sale of links badly influences advance of your site. It is rather on the contrary – pulls it down. Therefore I prefer to leave this type of earnings for later when others won’t be.

There is also one more good type of earnings on the Internet on the site. It is sale of places for articles. What is it? you Remember, I told what for advance of a site links to your site from other resources are necessary slightly above? And so there are nuances. If your site about beds, and somewhere in the bottom of the page the link which conducts on a site about bicycles, this link in fact got lost means nothing. Searchers learned to distinguish natural links from the bought. But here if on your site about beds there is a heading “Bicycles” in which unique article about bicycles will be written, and in the text there will be a link conducting on a site where it is possible to buy the bicycle it it is good both to you and the one who added this article. Many optimizers, i.e., those who advances sites, left the exchange of links. Now them the exchanges of articles more interest.

What from it you will have? You establish the price of placement of article. For example, 5 dollars. But you have to place article forever. But to you after all from it only it is better – now you will be able to receive money that did before free of charge – for filling of your site. Besides Yandex and Google welcome if in article there is a link to other site where it is possible to find more detailed information on about what it is written in article. Besides, unique articles quickly get to search. And it means that attendance of your site will grow. Therefore, you will receive more from advertizing from Google.

A little later I will write on each of types of earnings on the Internet separate articles where I will in detail tell as how to do.

Except these types of earnings, there are also others. But I don’t want to speak about them. Because the majority of them doesn’t bring result, and time select much.

Also you remember – happens nothing just like that. It is impossible to earn money, anything thus without doing. The freebie doesn’t happen in spite of the fact that all Internet dazzles with advertizing about it. If you want to construct the stable business on the Internet, without investments won’t do. But you remember – the road will be mastered by the going. It is difficult to decide. But to go it is necessary to take at least the first step. And farther it will be visible…

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