How to earn on a site. Advertizing from Google.

In last articles I told what ways of earnings on the Internet for owners of sites happen. I considered main of them who don’t demand special knowledge and skills. Now I want to dwell upon every way of earnings in more detail.

I will begin with the basic and the most, in my opinion, profitable type of earnings – with advertizing from Google. But all one after another.

So, what such advertizing from Google? All of us know that such Google. It is a search engine. And, among a set of search engines, Google takes leading positions in this sphere. The truth it concedes in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet to Yandex, but relatively the whole world of Google is undoubted on the first place.
Actually, the Google company has, except a search engine, very large number of various services. It and social network Google +, and advertizing Google Adwords network. Besides, Google develops applications, programs, lets out tablets and computers. Believe, not for this purpose this company was founded to help you to find something on Internet open spaces. And to earn huge money. The staff of the Google company totals more than 5000 people worldwide. And all of them get good wages. Respectively that it to pay to them, it is necessary to earn this money at first.

Won’t climb in a jungle. Let’s consider only that can benefit us. And it is advertizing. Advertizing which we can show on our site. You after all already got own page on the Internet? If isn’t present, you hurry to make it.

If you already have site, the blog or a portal (not important), you shouldn’t waste in vain time – be registered in the advertizing Google Adsence network. What is it? A little above I told you that Google have an advertizing Google Adwords network. And so in order that everything worked correctly, one more advertizing network – Google Adsence was created. Essence that Google Adwords works with advertisers. Each owner of a site can advertize the resource on the Internet by means of this system. Advertizing of its site will be shown on other sites depending on the chosen settings. And here in order that any site could show this advertizing on the pages, the Google Adsence network was created. I.e., Google Adwords works with advertisers, and Google Adsence – with owners of the sites, ready to show on them advertizing, i.e., with webmasters.

In this case we are webmasters. I.e., we want to show advertizing of others sites on pages of the. Therefore we need to be registered in Google Adsence system.

Registration in Google Adsence not the difficult. Do everything one after another. The only thing about what I want to warn, it that it is necessary to specify only the real data. Why? Google doesn’t work with electronic money. It, of course, complicates procedure of cashing in of the earned money a little. But they have such rules which us, the mere mortal, not to change.

Cashing in of earnings happens according to such scheme that when your income will reach a certain threshold, the check will be by mail sent you. It is necessary to cash only it in the bank accepting such checks.
Why it is necessary to specify authentic data? First, when your income will reach 10 dollars, the PIN code will be sent you on mail to confirm your address. Google is in the USA therefore card transfer with the PIN code can take some time – month or more. After your earnings will reach a threshold for payment – to you will send the check. On your name. Present if you enter not a real name? How you then will cash it?

So, after registration you need to create an advertizing code. You can choose the announcement size from a large number of options. You can choose ready style of registration, but you can create the. If you like, that earnings were higher (and you certainly want it, isn’t it?), it is better to create the style of registration, that it such, as well as style of your site. First, such announcement won’t irritate your visitors, and secondly, sometimes visitors take advertizing for the main contents of a site. Also pass on it. And it also is your earnings. And here advertizing so looks:

To increase your income, place advertizing blocks thus as it do during movies on television – on the most interesting moment advertizing. For example, you write something, then there is a text “Will review some examples” and here you insert the advertizing block after which you continue to tell about about what began.

On one page 3 advertizing blocks can be located only. Even if you will mark them 5 or 15, will be shown only 3. And where there is an advertizing code, but advertizing isn’t shown there will be an empty area. I think, to you to anything holes in the text? Therefore place on pages on three blocks.

How there is a charge of money? Everything is very simple. The visitor came to your site. I read-read your articles, and here to it the advertisement attracted. It is quite logical, after all advertizing for each person is shown the and depends on what to be stored in memory of the computer of the person. For example, you looked for on the Internet in the afternoon where to lodge in Spain during holiday. And as a result of these searches came on any site. First, for display of announcements to you it will be considered that you go in holiday to Spain, secondly, that you look through on a site on which you are, thirdly, will be considered where you are will be considered and in what language you talk, and more many that will be considered – as a result advertizing which most likely will interest you will be shown you.

And so. When the visitor of your site was interested by any advertisement, he can click it and pass to a site of the advertiser. If it doesn’t leave from the first page of that a site if it spends any time, i.e. if it offered services really interest on that site, from the account of the advertiser any sum of money will exchange letters. This sum depends only on the advertiser. How many he wants to pay for 1 transition – so much from it will copy for each transition of the interested visitor. Google will take away 32% from the sum to itself – and other 68% is your earnings.

How many there are transitions on advertizing? Everything depends on that, the advertiser how many is ready to pay for it. I have an account in Euro. The cheapest click on advertizing cost 0,01 euro. The most expensive which was on my sites – 68 euros. But it was only 1 time. Generally the cost of a click fluctuates from 0,25 to 5 euros.
And the last that I want to tell about earnings on advertizing from Google – don’t forget about your site. To earn, visitors are necessary for you. On my sites every 20th visitor passes on advertizing approximately. Sometimes more often, sometimes more rare, but on the average – every 20th. It is natural that there were earnings, you need a large number of visitors. And the more – the better. Well and about how to advance a site, I will tell another time.

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