House construction from a brick

The brick is the most demanded, checked and durable material for building of various objects. Because popularity and trust to this material didn’t decrease over time, designers even more often start experimenting different types of laying of a brick for achievement of esthetic balance.

At desire to build the house on the basis of an original bricklaying it is better to ask for the help the professional. After all its essence consists not only in beautifully to put bricks relatively each other, but also in that the construction had high strength.

To create a wall by means of a bricklaying use a brick from silicate or ceramics, and also solution from cement, water and sand in different proportions. The composition of solution depends on brand of a brick which use when laying. Also this mixture has a direct bearing on weather. For example, when on the street warmly and solarly to use more mobile structure of a mixture for high-quality laying of a brick better.

The most widespread type of a bricklaying – chain. It has two types:
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1 . Bandaging of seams of each row. Thus only the skilled professional as it demands use of a three-quarter brick will be able to lay bricks.

2 . Continuous bandaging of seams. Thus seams can be established on every fourth, fifth or sixth row. It economically more favourably also doesn’t demand use of a large number of a brick.

At building construction with a small amount of floors apply an effective brick which is combined with an external laying of a brick, or a facade of such building simply revet with a special tile. Such methods increase resistance of a material to depressed temperatures. For increase of heat-insulating properties it is more expedient to create walls with layers of air which heats up and supports heat at circulation. In this case continuous bandaging of seams or installation of connecting designs from metal will be used.

During construction of walls of small buildings it is possible to save a brick expense twice. For this purpose use a circular laying at which the emptiness formed in rings of a brick fill with slag. But so it is necessary to save only if such buildings have small loading, after all the circular laying of a brick doesn’t give high strength of object.

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