Hollow disk! Hollow disk!

Business was when I studied at university. Offered us somehow on a university office party to descend … To the ice palace!

We with the friend, there was a business, at once refused, but then, having talked to people agreed. Girls goes much, to drink we, of course, we will find as, and there you look … And hockey any promised. That I knew then, than it will be, for anything wouldn’t go. Yes that now! But, as they say, is what to remember!
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We with the friend well were prepared for a party. When us into the ice brought, we already such warm were. Yes with itself took on any case. And there it appeared to the people – loads. Show, say, so-so, well so to us and not before show. We with the friend decided to execute at first the obligatory program – to drink all supplies, and then to pass to any exercises – drinking beer, to attract attention a female. Especially as many little girls as it was visible an unaided look, too for nothing didn’t waste time.

When the hockey match began, any teacher approached to our group on a rotten goat.

– Instead of you want, – speaks, – during a break between the periods to the goalkeeper to abandon bullets?

And I told: “To abandon bullets!”

Little girls all quietly laughed, and boys in our group – each and all. The teacher stared at me drilling look, I take and tell: “And that, cool!”

I told and forgot – here already little girls start glancing askance at us – not before hockey! We with the friend were attached already to someone, we are whispered slowly. Here time – like a bolt from the blue: Let’s go!”

– Where? – unanimously we asked with the friend.
– How where? To throw bullets!

Here not, to refuse, so went to change clothes.

I here that will tell you, children, by the way. Here we here on our hockey players drive, they aren’t able to play type, and I then, started how changing clothes, already hockey players started respecting. It while you will simply put on in a hockey way, already it is possible to be tired, and still it is necessary to come to ice and to throw a hollow disk.
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Only then I understood, in what was got involved. I even skate so-so, and right there still the stick should be held!

The V-general, the first my friend left. He to the platform center where the hollow disk lay, didn’t manage to drive up, and all ice palace already laughed! And when my companion instead of a throw on gate threw a hollow disk on sparrows, and itself in gate from all speed drove, here to me became not to laughter. Unlike the audience who even started hooting! “Hollow disk, hollow disk! ” – shout.

And a hollow disk, I will tell you, it is piece cunning. Aims to sweep not there! But I with thoughts prepared a little, didn’t begin to slide quickly to gate, and slowly so, accurately that not to lose a hollow disk, to gate drove up. And the goalkeeper even in a pose goalkeeper didn’t want to become, costs to itself impudently and all. As I as struck with a stick on a hollow disk swung! As the ice palace laughed again! But I, at least, forced to play the fop of the goalkeeper a stick, unlike my friend.

The V-general, the laughing-stock was still that! Long then still to me at university my bullets remembered. And I was angry: “Here go try, I will look at you!”

Well, but with little girls that evening everything turned out! So, as they say, this is a blessing in disguise and to be sorry, in general, there is nothing!

Here such here history!

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