Goncharenko – “Kuban”

Eh, and as after all it is good that everything at “Kuban” with our Victor Mikhaylovich grew together. Let’s spit out three times through the left shoulder and we will knock on a tree!

To admit, not without alarm I expected the cooperation beginning. As, probably, and any copresent person to this event. All were tormented by one question – whether is so actually talented young коуч or its successes with “BATE” – no more than a zilch? After all Russia is to you not nonsense, as proved the first match of the Krasnodar team under the leadership of already third Belarusian trainer in a premier league with Moscow “Dynamo”. Loss 1:2 at a good first time and muffled the second, and also to couple of judicial mistakes in favor of Voronin’s team, appear, didn’t promise to the new commander-in-chief of “Kuban” anything good.
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However further business went uphill, and after difficult victories over “Angers” and “Krasnodar”, scratched in League of Europe of a draw with “Swansea” Goncharenko’s new team broke through.

The Nizhny Novgorod “Volga” which is famous for the obstinacy, was literally crushed – 4:0! Now even the well-known Vasily Utkin can have a rest with a clear conscience – everything at our envoy in a premier league well. Fondly, of course, to assume that with arrival of the new trainer residents of Krasnodar will rush at once into elite and will start smashing everyone, however signs of recovery it is available! It became more interesting to that to us to watch fight peripetias in superiority of Russia, after all the trio of the Belarusian trainers obviously doesn’t prepare to be for no reason at all on this holiday of life!
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The patience would suffice still to the management of the team changing trainers as a glove, not to lash a fever in case of a two-three of failures, and for Goncharenko’s future it would be possible to be quiet. It is necessary only to wish to it not to calm down on reached and a little good luck, and we will take the and, Victor Mikhaylovich? Then “Wikipedia” at last recognizes the new head coach: )

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