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Giving. What is it?

For someone giving is a place where it is possible to spend days off, and for someone – a place where passes life. Well, I understand those who comes on giving to fry shish kebabs, to drink, bring friends, to have a rest of sad everyday life. But I never will understand for whom giving is an infernal work since spring and for the rest of life, cultivation of a crop which now cheaper to buy.

Many have a giving. And when speak “I will go on giving” it is possible to determine by skin color of the person, why it there will go. Beds – in the XXI century to dig a kitchen garden at a dacha by a shovel it is normal? You dig up the 15 hundred parts, and then all year you prick diclofenac or still any rubbish. You sit down potato, and then all summer you go you bring together bugs. You lay down them in bank and they stink then all around.

When the heat also is a high time to hide in a shadow – you as damned from morning to the night tear out weeds from the earth. What for? to You it is necessary? Yes go you on the market and buy you to itself potato or cucumbers.

By the way, about cucumbers. Not all summer residents have on a site water. Many to water the kitchen garden go behind water to a well or the small river which can be surpassed, through 3 kitchen gardens. And cucumbers if it is bad to water them, taste bitter and have a smell and taste of a wormwood. And for the sake of these bitter cucumbers it is necessary to be killed so all summer? Every summer!

When the fall comes, we start reaping a crop. We go humpbacked some days, we drip a shovel potato. In the XXI century. Shovel. And further … Well if the owner of giving still is the happy owner of the car. After all the crop should be transported to the city somehow! And some as it do? By bicycle. Or by bus. You didn’t meet people who can tie laces without bending? Met? It also is summer residents! Their hands are so stretched that they shouldn’t bend. Well or hands as it should be, but that they are constantly twirled in knot is their usual condition.

Most often summer residents masochists are the people born in the USSR. Then in all inspired that when you at work sweat, it and is communism. Then inspired that without effort you won’t extend and I snuffle from a nose. That when you sweaty and dirty dig on a bed – only this way you can provide the bright future. Then more many that inspired. Many still hide in the bosom a red flag. And fat wrap in the Trud newspaper of 1982. This newspaper was already oiled so that if there will come the world hunger, it is possible this newspaper is.

What is, summer residents masochists are proud of how they spend all the free time. On the 10-15 acres they manage to build lodges. And, the this lodge is more terrible, the more coolly his owner. Country houses remind a hen house or a dovecot more. And the dovecot is higher – the more other summer residents respect this summer resident. And it is still very fashionable to protect at summer residents the territory with expensive fence.

During existence of the country cooperatives, each summer resident acquired glory. Bad or good is looking what height its dovecot. And at whom the dovecot isn’t lower than 6-7 meters, try not to lose the doubtful status, but very high among the same masochists. As a result of its crop collected in a year, becomes gold. And health is ruined for some years forward. And then say that we have very low middle age at the population.

In my understanding giving is a vacation spot. This place where it is possible with advantage as a hobby, a body and health to spend days off. Giving is a beautiful house near which there are no beds. In a yard the lawn which has been exactly cut by a lawn-mower. You come on giving with friends, you put a brazier, you open cognac … Beauty!

And I won’t understand summer residents masochists never…

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