Garage – an island of the property


The GARAGE – as is a lot of in this word for our heart. Not less than 80% of the men having this architectural structure think, reflected that it is healthy to have this small island of the property and to use it completely only at discretion. Even if some also will twist a finger at a temple, having learned that in your garage there “lives” not the car, and for example rabbits with chickens. As the garage can serve the owner in the most various way.

In the most widespread way of operation of garage, it isn’t difficult to guess, storage in it all that is naturally it is necessary and it isn’t necessary, well in any way cars. Because today all cars “have a rest” at entrances of houses. And car owners of the swallows put pushing them into all holes where only it is possible to thrust. That by the way very often disturbs an entrance of special equipment. It isn’t seldom possible to see how the cowl of a foreign car climbs almost under a loggia of the first floor. Probably in a high is to residents of first floors: woke up, and glass eyes of a jeep of the neighbor look at you from above. And if these eyes also light up neon light, under a roar of the powerful motor, so in general there are a wish to live. And still there is one desire – to open a balcony frame and to do directly on a windshield. At such moments you start thinking, and why in general all these garages and parking.

But the garage is all the same necessary. Even if you and the car don’t have that. After all there it is possible to bring that at present isn’t necessary for you, but it can surely be necessary and probably soon. For example, old kitchen set which almost collapsed in parts. Or old boots with not less old shabby jacket which didn’t put on years five. But for work in garage not that would will be suitable, and it will simply not be replaceable. And it isn’t so important that there in this garage three couples shabby boots, a coat of the mother-in-law and six dresses of the wife already roll. Not to throw out.

Wonderful storeroom garage. Obligatory attribute of garage is couple of tires. Not that that absolutely bald, but the cord around drivings is already visible. But after all they still can be useful. It isn’t known as what, but after all can. Old coil from a bathroom. How many time it here? Already and the apartment changed, and a coil all here. The necessary thing means. About the samogonny device! In the corner hid. And after all literally the other day about it I remembered with evil thoughts the former neighbor. The confidence was that Grinya from the third floor didn’t return it back. And it here lies to itself and is silent. It is necessary to call Grigory surely – good after all the person. Also it is necessary to put home brew the other day, and that vodka in shops simply rubbish. From it next morning the head in the diameter more than at the Tsar Bell also rings not more silently. And the infection became expensive.

Wow – the old receiver. And speak, miracles on light don’t happen. After all it is precisely remembered as it is proud it on a garbage can I bore and in the container carefully I lowered that radio components weren’t beaten. And suddenly also it will be necessary for what radio fan. And how it again with me? Probably missed me and returned. After all so many years I served. Still the grandfather with his help on an attic listened to translation of radio of America at the minimum loudness. And after all to the grandfather still his father presented before leaving. I spoke it seems as a trophy. At the German of visors, at the dead German. It is necessary to include it in a network, suddenly works. Though it also that didn’t make earlier a sound. Probably now and details to it not to find that. And twenty years ago already was not to find. The firm decision on a garbage can. What to do? Whole hank of copper wires. Kilogram eighteen. Urgently isolation should be removed. Copper now in the good price. So about the device for home brew of week two can and be not remembered.

That in garage only isn’t present. Here it is possible to find what already and you won’t buy, owing to that that it isn’t made any more and isn’t on sale. As it is necessary for nobody. But taking into account that all this lies in garage so much time – means it is necessary. And this contradiction doesn’t allow even to smoke quietly.

Everything, after a smoke break the firm decision comes by itself. That it is possible to hand over – it has to be handed over. On the gained money it is possible to tinker garage, to improve it. All the rest on a dump. Decision firm and correct. It is possible to make the whole room in a hole. Garage after all two-level, capital. The good waterproofing to plaster walls, it is obligatory to paint. After all in a refuse chute paint the fourth … or costs the eighth year the house and is waiting in the wings to be useful. To bring an order. From giving to secure a sofa. The tape recorder bobinny in a wall costs. It will turn out wow-go. Men from the next garages can be called and on a wine glass to pull. Cucumber, onions, bread slice. Conversations. And if it is correct to hang up spotlights, and from the next yard it is possible for the Lead. Only a cover new on a sofa, copper after all wons how many.

It is good to have garage, this small island of the property.

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