Football season in Belarus. Results.


The skilled fan straight off will try to object me:

– How results? After all until the end of the championship some more rounds! ! ! !

Yes, there are six more rounds and. And what? Someone has still doubts concerning the next success of “BATE”? Though, stop!

Next success? After shameful flight by a group round of the Champions League language won’t turn to call this gained champion’s title success. Personally it is represented to me obvious that the team urgently needs “Reset”.

Somehow gradually, very imperceptibly strong, hard-working the slogger team turned into team of fops with obvious high self-esteem.

– We came to the European level! – the head coach of team Victor Goncharenko and team powerlessly claims loses two matches to Karaganda “Miner”.

When club decomposition began? From Krivts’s return? It bungled a penalty in a return match!

It seems not. With Sivakov and Nekhaychika’s return which very seldom pass now in the main structure?

It is unlikely. Perhaps, from scandals round brothers Platonov, Zhavnerchika, Shitov, Gutora and Rudika? (To continue the list? )

It is improbable. It only iceberg top. The reasons are even deeper. The lack of will which has been especially shown last year after an epic victory over “Bavaria”? Transition to game according to one scheme and in a mode of saving of the account?

So-so, already closer. At more fixed studying it appears that the head coach of this football club isn’t so ingenious.

But, maybe, we will leave “BATE” alone? Feet will understand from where at what grow, after all not the small.

Let’s talk about the others. “Miner”, Minsk “Dynamo”, “Gomel” positioning as competitors of predominant force and, actually, arranged this year the game championship in a giveaway chess. As soon as they had a real chance, it right there easily went down in a toilet bowl. As though a champion’s title at us – leprosy. God forbid!

– Only after you! – politely responds to the BATE offer to head champion race Soligorsk “Miner”. Lack of will of club became long ago already “a parable in yazyets”, “ate a bald patch”, became a peculiar card. Amen!

– All right! – fatefully the horse of borisov sighs and dejectedly bears the cross further.

– Can still though sometime “Dynamo” becomes the champion? – Borisov on creeping below Minsk looks back, being not in forces more to pull a leader strap.

– Not-not! – “Dynamo” answers – we don’t hurry! We will wait “Gomel”!

It is a pity for them, the truth? They never learn, “As steel became tempered”! All life can be characterized the Minsk team as “Purgatory”. At all that now “Dynamo”!

And “Gomel” is trampled down meanwhile on an old rake. The team reminds a double-exit courtyard, than professional club rather. Every year on the bank of Sozh there is “the Next Outcome” and “the Following Set” football players. The rare knight who has kept in team at least for three years. However every year firm tin tell-tales fight for medals, and every year they don’t have only one – collective! Well so from where to it to undertake in a shelter for the poor?

Why “BATE” became the champion? Yes because it is the only professional club in the country!

Yes because SOMEONE THERE laid down on the Belarusian soccer a penis. Because “collective-farm all around – mine all around”.

Because the Owner isn’t present in the football house. Such, as in handball… And it is a pity… The bucks won’t overcome the evil!

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